A Great Way Of Organising Your Firefox Tabs


Toby tab organ izerThe trouble with browser tabs is that it's way too easy to keep opening yet more of them. Before you know it, you have 50 open tabs and each of them is so small that there's no room in the top bar to show any of the title. So you don't know what each tab contains. So you have to keep clicking and alt-tabbing in order to get to the one you want.

Sound familiar?

If so, here's a neat extension for Firefox (there's also a Chrome version) that solves the problem. Turn your open tabs into rectangular notes on a page, which you can drag and rearrange as you wish. Stick with the web page title as the label for the note, or assign your own if you prefer. And when everything's the way you like it, save the session so you can return to it later with all the tabs right where you left them.

The extension is called Toby and it's free. You download it straight from your browser (Firefox or Chrome). You'll find relevant links at https://www.gettoby.com/ along with a short video that shows the product in action.

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I agree with zepe. Tree style tabs is The Correct Way to present this information.

There's a newer Tab Tree add-on for Firefox. It's unclear if it will continue to work after the changeover. I haven't installed it, yet, to see how it compares. The author states that it's more efficient.

I also agree that the Chrome extension is cumbersome and awkward to use. Apparently, tree style tabs used to be built into Chrome, and they took it out. And, the hooks needed to do it right in an add-on aren't there. Disappointing.

Drake Christensen

Personally I like and use Tree Style Tabs extension in Firefox. Te version oin Chrome sucks.

Hi Rob, or anyone else,
There seems only to be reference to a Chrome add-on in that link above and none for Firefox. When I click on "Add to Chrome" it asks for an email address. A search for Add-ons in Firefox does not seem to find anything relevant called Toby, only something about winning an iPod.
Am I doing something wrong?