Free Dictation Software Online Recognises 40 Languages.


SpeechTexterSpeechTexter is a web-based speech-to-text system that lets you dictate into your microphone and have your spoken words automatically recognised. The text appears in an on-screen word processor, ready for you to use as required.

Even more impressive, SpeechTexter works with more than 40 different languages! So if you want to practice your French, German or Spanish pronunciation and see whether the system will recognise it, you can. I tried a few sentences in Portuguese, which I'm currently learning, and it worked really well. The system even lets you specify whether you want the Portugal or Brazil variant of the language.

To use SpeechTexter, all you need is the Chrome browser (apparently it doesn't work in any others). Head to and start speaking.

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Thanks for the find, Rob. It sounds like a great system, just as long as users don't care about the privacy of what they're speaking/writing. On the "About" page of the Speechtexter site, it says:

"SpeechTexter is based on Google's high-end speech-recognition engines. All your speech is sent to Google, there it gets interpreted using powerful parallel servers and algorithms, and gets sent back to SpeechTexter as a stream of possible transcription results."

Anything sent to Google is kept and stored on Google's servers, so as long as users don't mind Google keeping a permanent record of their spoken and written thoughts for Google to use as it sees fit, SpeechTexter should be very helpful. Those of us with enough grey hair to remember the concept of personal privacy and value it will keep in mind that "what happens through Google stays with Google" and continue to avoid Google-related products whenever possible. As always, it's a personal choice; mine is for privacy above convenience. YMMV.

If there's a free speech-to-text program that does NOT involve sending personal thoughts to Google or Micro$oft, I'd appreciate learning about it.

Very nice find, Rob. I wish I had even 1% confidence in Google and its personal privacy policy, but I don't. Perhaps some high-tech entrepreneur will come along and make something similar to make privacy hopefuls a bit happier. Thanks for your thoughtful review, Yankiwi.

It works well on italian language too, just one mistake after a lot of words and it even understands foreign names such as John and Mary. :) I'll give it a try with some complicated tests. Not bad for a free speech recognizer, it doesn't need training as well.