A Really Useful Remote Support Tool


WaykNow remote support toolBeing able to access a PC remotely, from another computer or device, is really useful. It means you can work on your computer and your files when you're away from your desk. It means you can offer help and assistance to a friend, colleague or family member if they are having technical problems.

Windows includes remote access features as standard, but the Home versions of the OS only allow dialing out, not in. And if you use Windows 10 and have allowed the upgrade to the Creators Update edition, you may even find that your existing remote desktop connections no longer work. It's a known problem, apparently.

WaykNow is a program that allows you to remotely access a computer, or to allow someone else to remotely access yours. It's more of a screen share than remote access, which means that both sides can see what's going on. Great for tech support.

WaykNow is free for personal use, and is a 1.7 MB download from https://wayk.devolutions.net/ in 32- and 64-bit versions. It's also portable so will work straight away without needing to be installed. Plus there are iOS and Android versions too, so you can access your PC from your phone if you want.

The site is reputable according to Web of Trust, and the download is malware-free according to VirusTotal.

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I think AnyDesk is the best free option. It rivals commercial software. It has got all the features, plus there is a portable version and mobile app also.

I am using it for sometime and am very satisfied.

Agree on all points made by wildweasel, including Web of Trust which I don't bother looking at anymore. It *may* be okay for tech stuff, but gets wildly skewed by trolls on topics where people have strong opinions, e.g. politics, spiritual paths etc. I appreciate the efforts put forth by those reviewing new freeware, but don't want to waste time testing every new program that comes to someone's attention when what I'm already using, e.g. TeamViewer in this case, is as good or better.
I'd suggest including a clear reason[s] in these recommendations why someone might want to switch software.

I did not see a link for a portable version, only a 32 or 64-bit msi.

Try Team Viewer. It is a free for personal use application. Really works well and you have full control to access from anywhere.

I have Team Viewer on my Samsung (Android) phone, and laptop, so I can connect to my home PC at any time.

Agree with HmS-PA. Appreciate Team Viewer allowing personal use of this app.

Hey Rob,

Any feedback on AeroAdmin?


I've been using it for a while now & works well-- also, free for business! No installation required-- the other party downloads the exe & accepts the remote, that's all there is to it (very similar to Teamviewer).


I'm always going to give you a five just for the time you spent researching and writing the article, but I sometimes wonder where you find these, so called jewels/gems? I put no Trust in "Web of Trust" and I could find very little information about this offering. And the little I did find gave me no confidence in it. I do trust "VirusTotal", for that most part, but I'm not going to download and install a program just based on that.

Thanks for the heads up; I'll stick with "Team Viewer".

"...I'm not going to download and install a program just based on that."

From the article:

"It's also portable so will work straight away without needing to be installed."