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This is a list of shell menu extensions or right-click context menu add-ons and editors.

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The programs above add multiple functions to the context menu or allow you to edit the context menu.  The following are "One Trick Ponies", meaning they typically add a single function. These are mostly untested and will not be reviewed, but will be listed here for completeness.

"Send To" Enhancements

File/Folder Tools

  • awxRename - A Windows shell extension to rename files and/or folders by using perl functions and regular expressions.
  • ClipName - A context menu extension copying the full pathname of the right-clicked file to the clipboard.
  • Open Command Prompt Shell Extension - Adds an "Open Command Prompt" menu item to the context menus to open a command prompt in the selected directory (or directories) or in the directory you are viewing.
  • Unlocker - Deletes locked files. See here for a list of other file deletion programs.
  • Link Shell Extension - A shell extension that provides for the creation of Hardlinks, Junctions, Volume Mountpoints, and Symbolic Links, and a Folder Cloning process that utilises Hardlinks or Symbolic Links.
  • StyleFolder- A shell extension that makes changing folder icons quick and easy.
  • HOBComment - A shell extension that allows users to instantly add a comment to files and folders.
  • CreateShortcutThere - Rightclick a file and select the context menu CreateShortcutThere... to choose where to place the shortcut.


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The correct URL for FileMenu Tools is, not the provided
When I went to install FileMenu Tools Windows Defender didn't like it. There was, however, no attempt to install any add-ons as mentioned earlier.

If you want to remove some items from context menu like "scan with Windows Defender" for example or add some things to context menu you can look into "Easy Context Menu" by Sordum. Can't add link so try googling.

Please, be aware that FileMenu tools contains a lot of malware. Even if you press SKIP on all proposals, you will get an unwanted search provider installed. McAfee refuses the download from the official website of Lopesoft.

One program that ought to be on the list is Open With Enhanced, a fabulous addition to the context menu. It not only gives recommendations from the programs you have (much better than Windows), it recommends programs you don't already have.

How did I ever miss "FileMenu Tools" as a top pick!
By the way, the link to their website is no longer valid, it needs to be updated to point to the right path.
So does the link to the Shell Tools review.

Also, I'm not sure whether it fits into this category, and it hasn't been developed since 2008, but Fast Explorer is something that people shouldn't miss or forget when talking about customizing context menus in Windows Explorer. It allows you to hide elements which means less clutter and more speed.

Thanks brunetu. I have updated the FileMenu Tools link but the external review page for Shell Tools no longer exists. The article needs a full update but this won't happen until someone volunteers to take it over. MC - Site Manager.