A Welcome Update To My Favourite Text Editor


EmEditorI often find myself editing text files such as programs, batch files, scripts, reports, logs and so on. While many people swear by Notepad++, my favourite text editor is EmEditor. Mainly because it handles large files and is very, very fast.

The company behind EmEditor, namely Emurasoft, has just released an update. And amazingly, some features are now even faster than before. A complex search and replace operation, for example, is up to 192 times faster than in the previous release.

If you're still loading large files into Windows Notepad and sitting for ages while they load, check out EmEditor. Or if you're currently using a version of EmEditor prior to 16.9, get the update now.

You can download EmEditor from www.emeditor.com and the file is 7 MB. It's reputable according to Web of Trust, and malware-free according to VirusTotal.

EmEditor costs $40 for the full-blown Pro version, but there's a perfectly adequate free version available for personal use. To get the free version, first download and install the 30-day evaluation version of Pro. Then press Ctrl-Q to bring up the command menu, and type "downgrade" into the search box. This will convert your installation to the free version and you won't get any more nag screens.

Top Tip

If you like EmEditor and you intend to keep using the free version, here's a top tip from me. The ability to customise the toolbars is not present in the free version. But if you customise them before you downgrade, your customisations will remain in force forever!

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Thanks Rob Schifreen!

You write "...Zeman Antimalware' complains...".
Excuse me, but what and who is Zeman Antimalware?
Have you checked the Em web site/-page in Mywot.com?
Did you download the Installer or the portable version?
Have you checked the downloaded file with VirusTotal.com?
These are all things you might have done before posting the likely false negative from your, pardon me, exotic Antimalware program.

It should have said "Zemana". Noted to be riddled with false positives and about as much use therefore as a paper bag in a thunderstorm. :D MC - Site Manager.

:-)) :-))

If I want to install it 'Zeman Antimalware' complains that this is a suspicious packet and removes it. Now what?

Definitely a false positive.

I am guessing this is not for XP users ?

"Supported OS: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/Server 2012/Server 2008."

Great program. What's the file size limit for the free version?

But Notepad++ is free!

Yes, Notepad++ is free and it has a lot of plugins, however, if you dare it to open a very large file, say a 1.5 GB file, it will absolutely refuse to do that, something you can do perfectly with EmEditor with no problems.

Have you reported this issue to its support?

Why should he do that?
Maybe that is a "feature" if you run the OS with only 2GB of RAM. ;-)
Just use the better program that can do that without choking.

Actually, I work in a datawarehouse environment in a very big company where sometimes we need to check text files of that size or even bigger before we load them to their corresponding tables, and believe it or not, yes, I have done that with emeditor with an old machine with only 2 GB RAM, that's why I discovered emeditor.