An Advanced Password Manager That Works Online and Offline On Android



As a good alternative to LastPass Password Manager, KeePassDroid allows you to keep all your passwords in a database file protected with a master password on your Android mobile.

The only disadvantage of KeePassDroid is that it works only offline. If you need a password manager that can access your encrypted credential file either offline or online, Keepass2Android Password Safe serves the purpose.

Based on the user interface of KeePassDroid, Keepass2Android develops further and offers many more advanced features. It not only reads and writes your local password files, but also accesses and syncs the files from the cloud or the web.

In addition, it has a special keyboard to fill your credentials into a webform and bypass the clipboard as the developer points out his concern below:

"A German research team has demonstrated that clipboard-based access of credentials as used by most Android password managers is not safe: Every app on your phone can register for changes of the clipboard and thus be notified when you copy your passwords from the password manager to your clipboard. In order to protect against this kind of attack, you should use the Keepass2Android keyboard."

Check out this advanced password manager for Android. It is open source and works well with the database file in .kdbx format used by the popular desktop version of KeePass Password Safe 2.x or KeepassX for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Keepass2AndroidKeepass2Android Password Safe




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Jojo or anyone else had any experience with Master Password? It can be found at masterpasswordapp dot com. It looks like a unique and secure method of password generation. It appears to suffer from the clipboard fault highlighted in this article.

Ascendo DataVault works across all Android, IOS, Windows and more. Great 256 bit encryption, DropBox sync. I have been using it for years across all these platforms.