A powerful program with the ability to search Unicode files


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Easy to use, search process is speedy, system files can be excluded, helpful search suggestions, can search images, performs unicode searches.

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This very powerful program performs well and adds the ability to search Unicode files. It will indeed be the No. 1 choice for many users.

It has many great features and has many helpful hints, with multi-language user interface. It is speedy, efficient and the Unicode capabilities are a definite plus.

Different versions with or without an installer are available for download. Anti-Twin is also available for Linux and Mac via Wine.

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The link above goes to a page for the company that just lists a table of contents but goes to ads.
This needs to be checked out so one can find out more about the program prior to downloading.

The download link seems to go to an actual site, however.

Correct site for info should be:

Appreciated your kind feedback footpatrol. The link has now been updated.

The links to the comparison review

Review & Alternatives: Best Free Duplicate File Remover

are broken in all the individual reviews in this category.


Thanks Peter for highlighting the issue. The links have now been fixed.