Discover What Data Your Web Browser Is Broadcasting About You


Tenta.comEvery time you visit a web site, your web browser sends lots of information to that site. The decision on what to do with that data, if anything, is down to the remote site. Some sites store it for marketing and analytics purposes. Other use it for technical reasons, such as to adjust the display to the capabilities of your computer or the size of the screen.

The information that your browser sends is comprehensive. It always includes your IP address, from which the name of your internet service provider can be discerned. It also includes certain technical details about your computer and browser, as well as your location. As you can see from the screen shot included here, it even contains details of which fonts you have installed.

The harvesting of large amounts of such data is not going to go away any time soon. Indeed, Twitter now collects details about the apps installed on your smartphone and lets advertisers use the information to target their messages towards people who use a certain application.

If you want to find out what data your web browser is broadcasting to every site you visit, try going to in your favourite browser. This site simply retrieves all the data and then displays it for you to see.

The site in question is, of course, promoting a new browser which claims to block such information from being sent. It even claims to include a free built-in VPN. I'm still evaluating their claims so I'm not yet ready to say whether or not you should try their browser. But the page which reveals your data is both safe and enlightening.

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FYI: Did the test on 6 browsers...All had the same info, such as IP addresses and blacklists, except the Epic browser. Epic gave a different Public IP Address and had no Blacklist. What I found to be strange is that the supposedly extra safe CLIQZ browser gave all the same info as Firefox, Opera, Yandex, IE, and Comodo Dragon. All had the same Public and Local IP Addresses (tho IE had No Local Address, the Public was the same as others), the same info on Blacklists, the same location, Internet Provider, etc. Only Epic showed a different address, Internet provider (not my actual), different location. The info wasn't surprising to me...except for CLIQZ. Must tell you that my actual location has never been right on any browser and have purposely left it that way.

Tenta - I just sent you an email. Your system is not broken rather the information from my ISP may not be as good as it could be

ok thanks. I appreciate the followup

Hi Rob, Thanks for sharing our new web tool. Great to hear you're evaluating our browser as well. If you have any questions in the process, please don't hesitate to ask.

cheers - Jesse

Most of the data was general or just wrong. None of it showed anything special or anything I care about
If the data scares you join TOR
If you just want your IP go here

Hi Rick, the data should be accurate, but if you see any discrepancies, please email me at with details and I'll investigate.

So although other sites may show some of this information, most are not mobile-friendly at all and outdated. We strived to make a responsive customizable web app designed for modern devices. For example, we're using service workers and smart caching so that results load faster.

Another unique test that this web tool offers is advanced DNS results. Your average DNS leak test site may show the IP, location and provider, but our API also delivers a more complete picture of your DNS privacy/security settings such as checking if DNS over TLS is working. Or if DNSSEC is enabled or "Checking Disabled" is true or false.

Thanks Rob.
Site works OK.
Lots of information indeed!


The link is dead.

The link works fine. You must have a local issue preventing access. MC - Site Manager.

Thanks. Strangely doesn't work in Firefox but Internet Explorer is fine.