21 Free Tools for Your Next Design Project


Design ToolsMake your next design project more visually appealing with these free design resources. This is a nicely curated list of tools you can use on design projects like web sites, publications or products. While the list is geared towards web site creation the tools are still useful - the stock photo list, icons and color resources can be widely used. The tools fall into four categories: stock photos, font tools, icons, and color palettes.

The one thing I found frustrating about the list is that the links to all the tools go a listing on Product Hunt, thus you have to click to get to the item on Product Hunt and from there click on the link to go to the site. I like Product Hunt but I don't want to do that much clicking and waiting for pages to load. I figured you might not either so here are direct links to all the tools listed in the article. :) 

Stock Photos

Font Tools


Color Palettes

There's a link to the full collection of tools (which may or may not be free but you might find useful) at the bottom of the article. 

$0 Design Tools Help You Create Your Next Project

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I'm baffled why www.rgbstock.com wasn't included in the list of stock photo resources. It has more than 100,000 images available, all of them high quality.

I think you'd have to ask the author of the article that question. :)
Maybe they don't know about it, or maybe they didn't include it because you have to register to download the images at that site?