Gizmo's Exclusive: Want To Win This Superb $99 Security Tool?


GlasswireThe trouble with having an always-on internet connection is that every application on your computer insists on using it, all the time. You'd be amazed just how often Windows, and all of your installed programs, connect to the internet and just how much data they end up using.

Keeping track of all that usage is difficult, but for many years I've been impressed with a program that helps to make it easy. It's called Glasswire, and it lets you see what your computer is using the internet for. It's a firewall, a threat monitor, a network monitor, and a privacy tool. It'll alert you to unexpected activity on your PC, such as someone trying to enable your webcam or change a key file. And it looks really neat too.

The basic version of Glasswire is free, and you can download it from as a 30 MB file. It's flagged as reputable by Web of Trust, and as malware-free by VirusTotal.

Now here's the good bit!

In addition to the free version of Glasswire, there's also a paid-for version. The Pro edition costs $99 and offers a load more features. So I decided to contact Glasswire and ask if they'd give me 15 free licence codes to hand out to lucky readers of Gizmo's, and they kindly agreed.

So here's the deal

Download Glasswire and see if you like it. If you do, drop me an email to by May 10th. After that date I'll pick 15 people at random, and send you a licence code worth $99. Just fire up Glasswire, choose the Activate option from the menu, type in the code, and the enhanced version is yours forever.

This is not a general offer, and you won't find it on any other website. So if you want a free Glasswire licence, just drop me an email and keep your fingers crossed.


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Have run the free version of Glasswire on my previous Windows 10 and the latest Creators Update version and it works seamlessly with no slowing whatsoever and have found it an excellent supplement for the inbuilt Windows firewall.

Looks like a good tool, but in my experience it does not do very well in Windows 10. After I installed it, my system slowed to almost a dead stop. Could not even move the mouse quickly. It was a struggle to bring up Task Manager so I could kill this thing. Needless to say, I killed it and uninstalled it. Too bad, it does have good potential.

Looks like a great tool, thanks for sharing.

Right tool at the right time ... just moved, internet is now metered so perfect tool to monitor the data usage of the apps and services.

Thank you so much, Rob. Always appreciate what you do for us. :)

Glasswire seems like a very useful utility. Thank you Rob for arranging the giveaway!

Thanks rob, another nice find !
It's good to have someone like you batting on our team.
The fact that you approached them and requested some freebies..... and got them, just goes to prove.....
"if ya don't ask, ya don't get" !
Well done !