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Allway Sync

A very well rounded product with a filter, rule set and loads of features


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License: Free (Limited features)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Folder Synchronization Utility

Pros & Cons:

Very robust set of filters and rules, support for FTP.
Monthly file copy limit of 40,000 files, no support for copying locked files.

Our Review:

Allway Sync is my second recommendation after FreeFileSync. It is a very well rounded product with loads of features. It has a very robust filter and rule set and definitely has the edge here over the other reviewed products.

It also offers support for FTP, scheduling, and auto syncing. It has a very thorough help file which can be of great benefit especially to those who are new to synchronization programs.

One draw back I found is that while it does detect file collisions and deletions, it is not very clear how to choose which versions of conflicting files to keep and which to overwrite. You should also be aware that in the free version of Allway Sync, there is a file operation limit of 40,000 files in any 30 day period. So if you have a large amount of files to synchronize on a daily basis you might need to look at a different choice. Also note that it does not support copying locked files as the developers feel it could compromise data integrity.

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I think the con "Monthly file copy limit of 40,000 files" is outdated.