Windows 10 Creators' Update. What's Coming?


Windows 10 logoWith Windows 10, there's no need to buy new releases of the OS as they become available. Instead, Windows is now what Microsoft refers to as an "Operating system as a service". Which basically means that it keeps itself up to date automatically, installing both minor patches and complete new versions as required. Free of charge.

The next big release, due to start being rolled out in the next couple of weeks, is known as the Creators' Update. Mainly because of the much-hyped 3D version of Paint that's included. But there are loads more new features too.

Instead of listing them here, I've been researching the best online article that provides a comprehensive overview of all that's new. And the one I recommend right now is at So have a read if you want to know what's coming to your PC over the next few weeks.

If you don't like what you read, then there's not much you can do about it. Assuming you're already running Windows 10, then you'll always get the latest builds eventually.

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Like a lot of businesses now they do not want to deliver what people want, they deliver what business wants to make yet more money and in order to take yet more personal data. They've been saying for years that Linux is a free and open source product made by and for the people, yet I see no movement in being able to port Windows programs over to Linux, which is the only stumbling block left to many of us.
There are many programs I use on a daily basis which simply can't run in a Linux environment and it is the only one reason I don't start using it exclusively. I have heard that Linux authors make so much money from support for industries who use Linux for things like server support, that there is no motivation to work hard on making it a viable Windows replacement.
I don't really mind Windows even though it's just cobbled together, but I despise the model that we must be happy with what they give us and what they give is not what most want. A true people-driven OS would be modular and be capable of running any program and updates would continually reflect what people want rather than what the business wants.
I'll be blocking this update as I have most of them since I first took Windows 10 when it was forced on me while buying a new computer.

Installed the new Windows 10 Creators Update this morning. Had to join Windows Insiders Program to get access to download (4GB) and after downloading .ISO file I mounted in Windows Explorer (right click on file for mount option) then ran setup.
Very smooth and trouble free installation and all my existing files remained intact, then cleaned windows.old and all good.
Looks to be an incremental update with some new innovations particularly for gamers but several existing programs were significantly improved too.
Will have a good play with it in the next few days but at this stage it looks to be a positive upgrade on my previous Anniversary version and all these major updates are free.

Download the Upgrade Assisstant from Microsoft and you can jump the line to get it tomorrow; a week ahead!

yep, just dont even think about it anymore. win7 or 8 and linux. and if you think win10 is free, then i have a bridge you might be interested in. haha

I much prefer Windows 10. Every time I have to use Windows 7 and 8.1, I am thankful that I don't have to go back.

The Creators Update has many new features that I will enjoy and plus it will remove or ameliorate several of the most annoying issues that people complain about.


Well I'll try it, but from what I have read it is goodbye Windows 10 and I'll live with Windows 7 untill I die - even if it is no longer being updated by then.
I use Linux as well anyway so won't miss much.
Microsoft have gone the way of many big companies and let the Marketting people take over and control the shape of the product - that is going to become useless to the user.

Thanks to Rob for this update. But this Zac Bowman guy sure is a Win 10 fanboy. His final sentence: "Windows 10 is finally good, and it's time to start taking advantage of all the new Windows 10 improvements, especially if you're still using Windows 7 or Windows 8.1." Uh, no thanks. I'll stay on Win 8.1 as long as possible due to the forced updating scheme and the lack of options to turn annoying "features" off in Win 10.