Fully Playable Demo Of An Amazing Flight Simulator


X-Plane flight simulatorI've always been a fan of flight simulator games on the PC, ever since the days when Microsoft produced the best product in this area. Nowadays, that original Microsoft product is no more, and the market leader is X-Plane. You can get it for portable devices such as iPad, but the program works best on a powerful desktop or laptop PC because it comes with huge amounts of planes and scenery.

Even the demo, which includes a handful of planes and whose scenery covers just a tiny part of the world, is a download of around 8 GB. So don't try downloading it if you don't have the necessary bandwidth and monthly quota available.

But if you do have those things available, give it a try. It's great fun, and shows just how far PC-based flight sims have come in recent years.

You'll find the installer at http://www.x-plane.com/desktop/try-it/ and it's a pretty small file. But it will then proceed to download the rest of the installation, which will probably take a while. It took more than an hour on my 40 Mbps connection. But it's worth the wait, especially if you have a decent graphics card and a large monitor.

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And it works on Linux!

Flight Gear is the open source alternative.