Accidentally Deleted A File? Locate And Recover It Quickly.


Disk Drill file recoveryDisk Drill is a file recovery program for Windows which uses a number of different techniques to scan your drive in search of deleted files. Even if they've been deleted long ago, and wiped from the recycle bin, Disk Drill claims that it can find them. And once the file has been located, getting it back is just a case of a single click.

Disk Drill is easy to use. Just tell it which drive to scan, then leave it to do its work for a few minutes as it builds a simple tree of all the deleted files it finds. You can then browse that tree, locate the file you want, and get it back.

It works really well, too. In my tests it was quick, easy and reliable.

Disk Drill is a paid-for product but there's a free demo version which will allow you to recover 100 MB of files in total. So that's a single file of 100 MB, 4 files of 25 MB each, or any other combination.

Disk Drill v2 is at and is a 16 MB download. It's malware-free according to Web of Trust and VirusTotal. Although if you do accidentally delete the installer, it's probably best to download it again rather than wasting 16% of your free recovery allowance!

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I use MiniTool Power Data Recovery and the free version allows for 1GB data recovery and is an excellent program previously recommended here at Gizmos. Works on XP through to and including Windows 10.

Recuva is another app for recovery of deleted files. There is a free version at

I came here to mention Recuva. Works quite well.

The download doesn't go to the download folder. Nor is it found in the add/remove section. ??

The program installed a service which the article should have mentioned as it continues to run when the program itself is not in use.

I was experiencing problem with my internet connections and found the new services\I immediately uninstalled it.

Many Windows apps install a background service which is necessary for them to function. As has been stated here many times, these articles are not product reviews and therefore cannot be expected to contain every detail. As with all programs, users should check out the product knowledge base before deciding if it is what they need and whether to install it. Details about the Disk Drill Recovery Vault background service are listed on their website. MC - Site Manager.