Amazing! Listen To Elevators Talking!


Kone elevator communicationsThe Internet Of Things knows no bounds. Everything, it seems, is going online. And if you're one of the world's best-known manufacturers of elevators, that includes your products. And now, to show just how much these devices communicate, the company has made 4 functional elevators in the real world accessible online. You can't control them, of course, but you can watch a real-time feed of the data they send and receive.

The company in question is Kone and you'll find the details at The elevators are in Sweden, the US, the Netherlands and Finland. And if you've ever tried talking to someone via Whatsapp, you'll soon realise that these lifts are way more intelligent than a lot of the users of that platform!

Or am I being unfair?


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I don't know about unfair, but you've got Finland listed twice, where it should only be once...the correct countries are SWEDEN, USA, NETHERLANDS and FINLAND!

Many thanks for pointing this out, it has now been corrected. MC - Site Manager.

If you are feeling depressed, will this give you a lift ?

It might let some people down.

Or it could raise your spirits.