Want To Learn Hacking? Hacking For Dummies Book Is Free


Hacking For Dummies bookIf you're into computer security, or you would like to be, Hacking For Dummies is a really good book. Although the title is clearly designed to generate attention, it would be better described as a textbook on ethical hacking and penetration testing, rather than plain hacking.

Its 400+ pages teach you about how to test and exploit the security of various systems, including web sites and databases. And to avoid you having to break any laws or risk prosecution, it also explains how to set up a test environment to attack. As well as where to find and download the tools to do the actual hacking.

It's a really good resource, from a respected publisher. And if you're quick, you can get the complete book for free instead of the normal $20 price tag. Just head to http://www.tradepub.com/free-offer/hacking-for-dummies-5th-edition-20-va... and enter your details in order to download the PDF file, which runs to 8 MB.







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Ummm. You have to use your work email? Yeah, just what I want - to have my job know I'm looking into hacking things.

Just downloaded. It's more of a general overview book with very little specific hacking information. Searched for "sql injection" and there were two matches with no explanation of what it even is much less an example! Mentions in one sentence that you can encrypt your messages with PGP (which almost nobody uses these days). A very short paragraph on honeypot, but zero info on setting one up, just a reference to google hack honeypot. Indeed, the entire book seems to be mostly a reference for software tools. Just reconfirmed my low opinion of the whole "For Dummies" genre.

The form you have to fill to get it is pretty annoying. But it's worth it. The book looks very good.
I used Opera's very good vpn/proxy, script defender and fake name generator to get to the download.