A New Browser To Rival The Best Of Them


Vivaldi web browserIt's been a while since anyone has launched a new web browser that has attracted my attention. Sure, there are regular announcements from various organisations, but they frequently amount to nothing. One, for example, was launched a couple of months ago and claimed to offer enhanced security through its built-in free VPN. But when I questioned the company behind it, they wouldn't give any details about how it worked and thus I didn't have sufficient confidence to recommend it to you.

The other day, however, saw the launch of version 1.7 of Vivaldi. It's a browser that's been in development for a while, and progressively gets better all the time. This is evident even from the time you install it, at which point it has the courtesy to ask what colour scheme you'd like to use, where you want the tab bar to be positioned, and so on.

There are loads of other features too. And because it's based on Chromium (the same open-source browser from which Google builds Chrome) it's both innovative and yet strangely familiar. And it doesn't crash anywhere near as often as Microsoft Edge does.

If you feel like a change of browser, give Vivaldi a go. You can install it alongside any existing browsers that you have. It's a 38 MB download from www.vivaldi.com and is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust. There's also a very active forum at http://forum.vivaldi.net where you can learn a lot about the product as well as ask questions of the developers.

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Anyone know how to keep one theme/color instead of changing colors for each web site.....Sometimes Vivaldi is too pretty and distracting :)

Tools/ Settings/Themes + - buttons..you can create a new theme, color it any way you want and save it.
Not as fully skinned as a Firefox 'Full Theme' but a pretty neat fun feature.

THanks... But it still changes color for each web site..I want it to stay the same 24/7

Hmm, WFM, all sites display the same with a nice dark skin, maybe ask at the Vivaldi Forum, https://forum.vivaldi.net/
You should get an answer from the helpful folks there.

You know what this browser has which sets it apart from all I've used ?
TAB STACKING/Grouping ! Something that if Mozilla were smart they'd incorporate in Firefox.
Another + is that from day one the devs have communicated with and responded to users suggestions at their Forum/Blog....nice 'community' there.

They do...Add-on "Tab groups"

Which the author has given up on..


Won't be the last come Fx 57,

Update,got the bookmarks working,it seems you need to double click on bookmarks to open them unless you tick a certain box.

I realise this may sound a bit lazy but very busy on the weekend with PC work & cannot afford a glitch if Vivaldi doesn't "play fair" on my PC.

So, can anyone advise if Vivaldi cures my number one peeve with a Chrome based browser, that you have to wait forever for it to open if you retain a stack of tabs's (15 odd) from the previous session? Firefox only opens held tab's when you (re)access that tab but chrome insists on accessing all tab's on the open which kills it for minutes for me. Could never find a fix just lots with the same problem.
Thanks in advance

It's not as slow as Chrome is, but there is some lag with a lot of tabs. It would also depend on what page is in the tab. I have about 9 that open and it doesn't make more than few seconds difference, but none of the tabs are video heavy (one of the things that tend to slow it down the most). I also have an ad blocker which helps a lot. The only way to know for sure is to try it with your specific set of tabs as there are just too many variables.

Thanks rev_Don for an informative reply.


Was using a Chrome clone previously (SRWare Iron) so cannot compare it to Chrome directly, only to SRWare Iron.

That said, way faster to open (though it appears to do a lot of its work in the background as it is slow to actually appear though Task Manager shows it as running, still, as I said, "way faster" overall).

Memory management infinitely better, Iron had a memory leak, this doesn't....or if it does is very slow. With Iron I needed to reboot every 5 days to reclaim full memory - I'd get a windows has run out of memory warning.

Cons - need to learn/do a new settup & configure routine.

On initial use, though I asked for settings to be preserved on restart, my opened tabs were all gone in close and reopen of Vivaldi (used CTL H to access history and open them again as needed). So maybe install a Session Manager type extension when setting Vivaldi up if you're a tab freak. After that initial reboot it has rebooted flawlessly.

In short, thanks for the headsup on this one. It appears to be a keeper.

Installed Vivaldi and set up was fine,looked good until I clicked on my bookmarks and nothing happened no matter what one I clicked on.Pity as it looks good.

Does Vivaldi have and extension like CoolPreview? Or some sort of ability to preview links?

There is ezLinkPreview http://www.simpledifference.com/ezanker/ezanker.aspx

Thanks Rev. I've now installed Vivaldi and the ezLinkPreview extension. Exactly what I needed. Wake up Firefox!
Besides hovering over link, It puts a button (top right). When clicked, it splits the window into two panels. On the left is the website, the Right side panel shows the contents of the links you hover over in the Left panel.
Awesome! I'm sold.

I detest smarmy, simplistic, Chrome
I like Vivaldi -
- Has Menus
- Lots of options
- A smart human chose the default settings. Perhaps they employ Analysts(which is very rare) to make decisions, instead of programmers.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention,
PS Google pays scant attention to Windows conventions with it's installers
Here is where Vivaldi (ver 1.0) installed it's EXE in my Windows XP 32bit -
C:\Documents and Settings\Rob\Local Settings\Application Data\Vivaldi\Application\vivaldi.exe

Tried Vivaldi last night and was impressed while setting it up, most importantly because it allowed tabs on the bottom. But then... I decided I wanted a decent speed dial, so I looked for one to rival the one I use in FIrefox, and it doesn't exist, though I did find a couple that seemed moderately useful. HOWEVER, you don't appear to be able to get rid of the one that's built into the browser, and it seems both simplistic and incredibly annoying. Looking online, some people said they're "working on" being able to change it. WHAT?

Just wanted to let you know that I had the same problem at first, and that I had found a workaround:

Since you're probably using a chrome extension for your speed dial dashboard, and these chrome extensions change the newtab for *chrome*, just set the new tab page in settings to chrome://newtab (by default it is vivaldi://newtab). Works great for letting me use Momentum (new tab replacement extension) in Vivaldi.

I want to thank you for the tip. I was looking in "Startup," and your solution is in "Tabs." So now those people who claim that Vivaldi is working on the fix are all wet, and I almost gave up. Thanks again, all the best.

Downloaded installer file and get a trojan warning when I run it:
Detected and intercepted Trojan attacks.


Name: HEUR/QVM10.1.0000.Malware.Gen

Am using Total Security 360.

Any idea?

I wouldn't use that program either (the anti-virus). May I suggest, from a very reliable site: http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/panda_cloud_antivirus.html

This one doesn't get in your way and there is a way to turn off the ads (popups).

I've been using them for several years now. But keep using VirusTotal for anything you download otherwise.

Good luck.


As Rev_Don says, this AV is not one I would choose either. It's riddled with false positives which are heuristically generated leading many users who don't understand what this means to ignore the results which is fine until genuine malware arrives. Better options are Avira, AVG and Avast. 57 different AV scanners tested it here and found nothing and Qihoo 360 is one of them. :) MC - Site Manager.

Most likely a false positive. Did you download it from the link provided in this article? If so I just downloaded it a few minutes ago and checked it with Virus total, Avast, and Malwarebytes and found no problems at all.

To be quite honest, Total Security 360 is not a good A/V malware program (most experts consider it junk). All of the Qiho (or however it's spelled) apps are suspect at best and harmful to your computer at worst. My recommendation is to dump that, get a REAL A/V program that works better and is more reliable, and continue to try Vivaldi. Check with BleepingComputer.com for recommendations for your A/V Malware protection software.

Thank you all. Will likely go back to Avira or AVG. I liked earlier versions of Vivaldi and want to try it again.

I've been using this browser for a while now, bit more than a year. I never have used Chrome on my desktop--don't like how Google handles people. Otherwise, I like to have alternatives to Firefox and IE, which for a time meant Opera, but I became disillusioned with them. When they switched to the same engine as Chrome I tried the upgrade, but none of my large collection of bookmarks would transfer. I switched back to the old version with the original Opera engine where my bookmarks were still present and used that for a while, because some were saying they lost their bookmarks altogether using the new Opera. And when they complained about it in the forums, they were told if they don't like Opera to not use it, what do you expect from a free browser. Then I heard that some of the Opera people had split off and designed Vivaldi. I was hoping it had the old Opera engine, but at least they stayed true to Opera's original mission, which was to design the browser with the power user in mind, and they won't tell you to take a hike if you don't like when they refuse to fix a known issue.

So if you were ever a fan of Opera, you should like Vivaldi. Take a look at their "Our Story" page for more info on the Opera connection.

I use EPIC Browser with its built in VPN which can be turned on or off. I have been using this browser for some time and when using the VPN it does not slow down my internet connection. It also blocks trackers and wipes surfing data on exit. Based on chrome has very similar settings. Ideal second browser for private surfing.

I just checked the EPIC browser website, and see that it DOES NOT include a built-in VPN. What it DOES include is an encrypted proxy. This seems like a good idea for private browsing, but you will have to provide your own VPN if you want that additional level of privacy. The EPIC website mentions what they consider to be security failings of VPNs. If that is true, then EPIC with a VPN might be a very good idea.

Article doesn't give me a single reason to investigate Vivaldi other than choice of color scheme. What makes it better than Chrome other than possible performance?

1) More customizable,
2) better performance than Chrome,
3) doesn't suffer from tab bloat like Chrome,
4) ability to have a minimal gui like chrome or a more old school type menu gui,
5) Better support from developers (like Opera had before they switched to the Chromium engine)
6) Better community support forums

Those should get you started. It isn't perfect and might not suit everyone, but I feel it is worth a try.