A New Browser To Rival The Best Of Them


Vivaldi web browserIt's been a while since anyone has launched a new web browser that has attracted my attention. Sure, there are regular announcements from various organisations, but they frequently amount to nothing. One, for example, was launched a couple of months ago and claimed to offer enhanced security through its built-in free VPN. But when I questioned the company behind it, they wouldn't give any details about how it worked and thus I didn't have sufficient confidence to recommend it to you.

The other day, however, saw the launch of version 1.7 of Vivaldi. It's a browser that's been in development for a while, and progressively gets better all the time. This is evident even from the time you install it, at which point it has the courtesy to ask what colour scheme you'd like to use, where you want the tab bar to be positioned, and so on.

There are loads of other features too. And because it's based on Chromium (the same open-source browser from which Google builds Chrome) it's both innovative and yet strangely familiar. And it doesn't crash anywhere near as often as Microsoft Edge does.

If you feel like a change of browser, give Vivaldi a go. You can install it alongside any existing browsers that you have. It's a 38 MB download from www.vivaldi.com and is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust. There's also a very active forum at http://forum.vivaldi.net where you can learn a lot about the product as well as ask questions of the developers.

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Just tried this - seems to be ok, but sure does have a lot of ads which pop up.
And HOW can its 'history' be erased??? CCleaner does not clean it; Chrome has the same problem, but at least it has a findable history tab
Hoping someone will respond anon.

'have a lot of ads which pop up'?
If you have the proper extensions, you should have no ads or popups.
Depending on how you set up Vivaldi, your settings, history, bookmarks etal, are available from the panel on the left.
You'll see a bar with an arrow along the left edge & a small rectangle in the lower left corner.
left click any of these & the panel will open.
Look for the gear icon in the lower left corner & it will open the settings in a new tab or window (depending on how you set it up).

I'm not having much of a problem with ads with UBlock Origins, just pop-ups which are terrible. Since Vivaldi doesn't have a native pop-up blocker which one do you recommend? It's what is preventing me from making it my primary browser.

'Vivaldi doesn't have a native pop-up blocker'
Go to "vivaldi://settings/content" -similar to Chrome.
Scroll down & you'll see the pop-up blocker.
As far as extensions, I use: UBlock Origin, Disable HTML5 Autoplay, HTTPS Everywhere, LastPass, Flashcontrol, uMatrix & Privacy Badger.
uMatrix is similar to NoScript, but has finer controls with a steeper learning curve.
The latest Vivaldi update (1.7) broke the uMatrix interface & I haven't been able to find a workaround.
It might be something I'm missing in the update.
I rolled back to my earlier version.
Hope this helps :)

Sorry, but there isn't anything even close to a pop-up blocker anywhere in settings on mine. Latest version on Windows.

vivaldi://settings/content -NOT the settings in the side pane.
did you try going to this address (copy & paste in a new tab or highlight, right click & ' Go to vivaldi://settings/content'?
As I said earlier, I rolled back to version 1.6.689.34 & it works for me there.
I didn't have 1.7 installed long enough to try it.

Nope, not there in the latest version, 1.6.689.40, or 1.6.689.34 (I haven't updated all of my computers yet). Tried vivaldi://settings/content in the address bar and it just takes me to the middle of the settings menu with no Content heading or tab.

Try this:
You should see this:
I opened an account at Imgur to post these & if you can't see them I did something wrong.

Tried that and there is nothing about a pop-up blocker there. I did find out how to get to it though. You need to go to chrome://settings/content, not vivaldi://settings/content. But from all indications from the Vivaldi Forums it doesn't work worth a darn. Since it shows as already enabled on all of my systems and I get constant pop-ups I'm inclined to agree with their assessment. I;ll continue to use Vivaldi for some sites where pop-ups aren;t an issue, but I'm sticking with Firefox for my main browser primarily for it's vastly superior pop-up blocker.

Also you can click on the new tab for history, bookmarks and speed dial management. Is that anon enough for you? :-)

Ctrl + H takes you to History. There is a clear data option there.

I've been using it since the first stable version. It is fully customizable and so far it works great.
Two problem I've encountered so far:
That when I run a full screen applciation such as a game or a media player, after some time I find out that Vivaldi has closed or crashed without any warning and I still haven't figured out why does that happen.
The second is that some rare times it may stop youtube videos (the video area goes green and it need reloading).
However, these days a newer version has been released (v1.7.735.46) and it contains lots of new features and fixes, so I can't confirm yet if the above problems still exist ro not.

Thank you for pointing out this browser. It works fine!

crombierob, yes you can enable a menu system. Vivaldi can use any Chrome extensions available from the Chrome Play Store. I see No-Script Suite Lite listed there.

Another browser which now has free VPN is Opera


Does it have a traditional menu bar?

I don't mean the 'gear' or anything like that.

I mean the bar that has "edit, view, History, Bookmarks, Tools" etc.

As an old fart I need this.



Yes it does although you can choose to hide this if required. MC - Site Manager.

Thanks MC (and Rev_Don),
You have made two old men very happy

PS I will check out No-Script Suite Lite

I've been using this for a while now in Linux MX-16 x64. For me it has a logical layout and truly excellent. MC - Site Manager.

Just FYI, I run all browsers in Sandboxie. I've just installed this. So far it's been smooth. Any criticisms and I'll post again

I of course use Google search within FF
But I avoid other Google programs like the plague, as the Google updater has slowed my OLD PC to a crawl on at least two occasions.
It was so bad the first time, that I was sure I had a virus, and I lost a weeks work by restoring from a week old image.
The 2nd time, I investigated and found it was the Google updater. Uninstalling that was not simple.
Since then I never install anything Google.
Perhaps that will not be a problem with Vivaldi , as presumably it only has it's own updater ? ?

The other thing I dislike is Chrome's minimalistic interface (aka 'good luck finding the option you are looking for')
Does Vivaldi have the ability to use menu's (the way God intended) ?

Sorry to look a gift horse in the interface or updater,

PS I only feel safe browsing with NoScript in FF
Does Vivaldi have an equivalent ?

uMatrix is similar to NoScript, but has a steeper learning curve.
When I upgraded to Vivaldi 1.7 uMatrix lost some functionality, so I went back to the earlier version until they fix it.
I went from Chrome to Vivaldi when it first came out, & it is my browser of choice as it has many more options than Chrome.
I also use Firefox occasionally, & wouldn't run it without NoScript.

Thanks for the heads up, I will check it out (I'm in ver 1 because I use XP)
I am amazed that many people browse the web without something as protective as FF + NoScript
(For those that give it a try, and get annoyed with multiple clicks to allow scripts to run, there is a setting 'Cascade' that makes it a single click)

I have been running without any antivirus for a couple of months now (Avast was slowing things down)
The combination of FF+Noscript plus some care in my emails has kept me safe so far.
I use that XP pc 95% of the day
For really dangerous surfing I use my W10 Pro PC, with Avast enabled, and of course FF+NoScript

Google Updater.
Runs as a service, that's why you see it running all the time.
I use Process Hacker instead of Windows Task Manager, it has much more functionality.
You can stop the service & set Google Updater to manual.
Then update Chrome from the browser itself.
The closest thing to an antivirus I have is Spybot Search & Destroy & Winpatrol Pro.
I use Spyshelter Firewall (paid) & VoodooShield (free,for now).
These two programs will let you know something is trying to run (even if you are updating an installed program).
You can allow, block, quarantine or delete.
Vivaldi does have the option for a regular menu bar.
"vivaldi://settings/appearance/" -choice of Horizontal Menu or Vivaldi Button.
Hope this helps :)