Access Your PC Remotely Via Any Web Browser


UlteriusBeing able to remotely access your PC over the internet or LAN is really useful. If you're away from your computer and you need to check a file, it's the perfect solution. Or maybe you need access to a program that's installed on your PC but isn't available on the computer you're currently using while away from home or from the office.

If you're lucky enough to use one of the "Professional" or "Enterprise" versions of Windows, then remote access facilities (known as Remote Desktop) are already built in. But if you're on a home edition of Windows, you have to resort to using third-party software.

If you need to access your PC remotely, I've recently discovered a really neat solution called Ulterius. Once installed on your PC, it adds a web server to that machine, through which you can access it remotely. So all you need to do is fire up any web browser and connect to it. From right within your browser, you can view the current stats for the remote PC (amount of free memory and disk space, for example), as well as open a command prompt. And you can also do a full screen share too, and drive that computer as though you were sat in front of it.

And all you need at the remote end is a web browser. Although you will also need to configure your router's firewall to allow connections from outside your home or office, too.

You can get Ulterius from SourceForge and it's a 20 MB download. It's free, and malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust. Because it allows a remote connection to the machine without forcing the current user to log off, it's also a great tool for technical support people as you can keep a distant eye on someone's computer any time. Assuming you have their permission and password, of course.

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Just to make sure is this now supposed to be (game site)?

Thanks for letting us know - we've updated the link. MC Site Manager.

Does the remote computer need a static IP address for unattended access?

Clicked to install the downloaded Microsoft.NET 2015 Framework installing now...along side the Ulterius Server this normal? Hint: still tech challenged novice here.

I wasn't able to download it?

If you provide some details we might be able to offer assistance. MC - Site Manager.

I'm using Firefox & nothing happens when I click on the link. i tried it in IE & succeeded but the install failed

Is this any better than Aero Admin (totally free, even for business?):


Thank you for your comment. I could have found a gem - if AeroAdmin holds up to the promises; I will try it.

I gained the following by cursory reading on the respective web sites:

AeroAdmin is NOT "totally free for business use" as you state (see: ).

AeroAdmin is made to enable admin(s) to access/control other computer(s).

Ulterius is made to enable one computer to be accessed from multiple locations via web browser without needing software installed on the remote machine(s).

Maybe you want to look up the meaning of "ulterior"?

failed also

You maybe have security software interfering with the installation process. MC - Site Manager.

I downloaded this, but it was flagged by Symantec Antivirus as potentially dangerous. Not sure if I should load it, but it could be helpful.

When you use security software it is important to understand how it flags certain files. Symantec uses a ridiculous scoring system based on such diverse data as the traffic received by the containing website. This they do to fulfill their promise to protect users from everything, which they can't and which they don't. So if pretty much everything is flagged as potentially dangerous they have themselves covered if you then choose to install a real rogue. The better course of action is to use a multiple scanning service before installing and hey-ho Symantec here say it's fine. :D MC - Site Manager.

Nice. Do we know, what's the license of this one? Free for all or free for personal use?