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When looking for the best free software program for either CD (Compact Disc) or DVD (Digitally Versatile Disc) I think it is worth the effort to consider your exact requirements.

Keep in mind that CD & DVD burning programs are designed for you to author CDs and DVDs for music, photos, movies, games, data or other digital files that will hopefully stimulate your creativity. As well as CD and DVD burning software, this category also includes Lightscribe software which enables you to produce laser-etched labels with text or graphics, as opposed to stick-on labels and printable discs.

With new free software, don't be afraid to experiment and try a few different options before you decide on the right one for you.


Rated Products


A very flexible burning application with advanced features

Our Rating: 
License: Free
A free tool that enables you to burn CD/DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-Ray images with ease. Very flexible application with several advanced features not available in other tools.
Bundled with OpenCandy - see information link in review text. Probably more suited to advanced users who will appreciate the extent of its configurability.
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BurnAware Free  

A simple program for your burning needs

Our Rating: 
License: Free (Private/Educational use)
BurnAware Free is a free CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc burning software
Doesn't have the option of a floating window that features in programs such as CDBurnerXP.
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A quick and easy solution for creating audio and video discs and ripping audio CDs

Our Rating: 
License: Free (Limited features)
Clean user friendly interface. Multi-session functionality.
Requires Microsoft .NET Framework.
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A respectable burning program with all common features

Our Rating: 
License: Free
Supports CD-R/CD-RW/DVD+R/DVD-R/DVD+RW/DVD-RW/DVD-RAM (double layer mediums included); burns discs from images or files, creates bootable discs, creates images from files or discs, copies discs to discs (does not seem to bypass copyright protection), adds sessions to multisession discs, fixates discs, burns on-the-fly, verifies burns, erases rewritable media; creates audio discs, creates video DVDs; command line version; multilingual; simple, easily accessible interface.
Does not support HD-DVD, Blu-Ray; lacks advanced features.
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Another happy user of BurnAware. Intuitive to use and pretty quick. The only thing to be aware of, as others have said, is to be careful not to download other bundled software you don't want. In my case it tried to get me to download Avast, but it's a pretty straightforward matter to just uncheck the relevant box and decline.

BurnAware Free has been updated to version 10.

It has a new interface now. Also, the third party sofware offered has clearly a "No, decline" option, which is quite good.

I just downloaded BurnAware Free and I am very happy with it.

I put up this because I saw no reference to the option to download the free version without optional offers.

On the download page, at the bottom, is a paragraph and the last sentence says:
Also you can download free version without optional offers.

The words "free version" are a link to a clean install that does not contain any offers etc.

Thank you for mentioning this. I never noticed that option!

ImgBurn v2.5.8.0: Major Geeks editor says their version v2.5.8.0 has no Open Candy and I noted the file size is smaller than the ImgBurn v2.5.8.0 offered "from ImgBurn". The Softpedia one is the same smaller size as MajorGeeks. I did not run a checksum. I used to use imgBurn, but with the controversy, I decided to try BurnAware when I reloaded after upgrade to Windows 10.

ImageBurn may have malware. It is blocked by Norton Protect. If downloading it advised to use Ninite or MajorGeeks etc.,,AND WATCH SCREENS ON INSTALL!

Many posts on Internet advising to avoid this and to use newer programs instead.

CDBurnerXP has been updated to version (digitally signed 2016.07.29). Thus far, only the portable application is "clean;" the default installer without installCore should be released within a few days of this post.

sorry to spoil the fun with open candies but the burner in windows (10) apparently works. from what friends testify, as I do not write so often these days, it is quite more reliable than many here.

ImgBurn v2.5.8.0 has no more open candy :]

Both the installed and portable versions of ImgBurn released on 2016.02.12 test 100% clean with VirusTotal (both downloaded from Softpedia).

Also, CDBurnerXP now stands at version (both the portable and "minimal" installed versions test 100% clean with VirusTotal and are digitally signed 2016.05.13).

Has anyone checked out Starburn ?
It is free, and does everything but whistle Dixie


BurnAware v9.0 doesn't seem to have any Adware or OpenCandy. Can anyone confirm?
Yes, this version seems to be clean for me too.
Have updated the review text and product details. MC - Site Manager.

Regarding ImgBurn and Opencandy the solution is simple Download the installer and use 7zip to extract it to a folder. Inside the folder delete the directory called $PLUGINSDIR this is where opencandy resides. You can now run the program straight from the folder or move the folder and make a shortcut to ImgBurn.exe This is one of the few programs that does not actually require installation. You can also copy the appropiate files over the old ones to upgrade a already installed version.

I use IMGBURN for most of my burning needs and it works great. While it is possible to make a audio cd using IMGBURN I prefer something more simple.

The only OpenCandy file is OCSetupHlp.dll. Delete it and you are safe from O.C.

CDBurnerXP has been updated to version (2015.03.15); the minimal installed version (without OpenCandy) is now also available.

I have both installed and used ImgBurn many times. The trick is to reject all offers you are forced to handle before getting to the download 'button'.
That's never been a problem to me; there are'nt all that many hurdles to overcome before you get a clean download of ImgBurn. I have found it a decent and well working program.

Only complaint I have, I can't find an option of just erasing a CD/DVD except as part of a write operation.

There doesn't seem to be much freeware available these days without embedded ads or offers of useless addons to get rid off before you can download the real thing.

Select one of the Modes, then go to Tools - Drive - Erase Disk. Hope this helps.

BurnAware Free 8.9 has been released; the download offered by Softpedia is labeled as being "100% Clean" (; running it through VirusTotal confirmed that it is (I've alerted Softpedia so that they can update their review to reflect that).

Incidentally, the portable version of ImgBurn is also available from Softpedia, and it too is listed as being "100% Clean" (; unzipping the download and running it through VirusTotal confirmed that, as well.

Also, CDBurnerXP was updated to version last November. Again, there is also available the "Default installer (Without OpenCandy)," as well as a portable version (my personal choice, as it doesn't write to the Registry), also sans OpenCandy; click on the "More download options" link.

Just tried installing ImgBurn, used the 'advanced' install option. Had a bunch of really junky-looking crap to uncheck, not liking the looks of all that but continued as I've used this software in the past and it's been very decent. Looks like it highjacked my browser's homepage with a yahoo clone & installed a handful of malware threats inside the OS. Not gonna ever try ImgBurn again!

CDburnerXP offers version without opencandy: click on more download options on download page

Same thing for BurnAware: clcik on "free version without OpenCandy" at the bottom of download page.

I don't see a version of ImgBurn without OpenCandy

No, there is no version of ImgBurn without OpenCandy but you can usually avoid unwanted extras by paying attention and choosing "Custom" install whenever you have that option.

Another option is to install the program using the command line followed by a switch /nocandy.

1. Hold down the Shift key and right click a folder (containing the setup file) to open a command window in that folder
2. Type setupimgburn_2.5.8.0 /nocandy
3. Enter

I'm just being a little surprised that nobody mentioned 'Ashampoo Burning Studio Free'! It's a really good choice I think! :)

CDBurnerXP was updated to version on 2015.07.24; the "minimal" versions were released today, 2015.07.27 (neither the two "minimal" versions nor portable versions, x32 & x64, contain OpenCandy).

Also, BurnAware Free was updated to version 8.3.0 on 2015.07.10; changelog at .

Finally, the free utility "Unchecky" (see can help prevent the installation of various Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) that may be included with downloaded software (one of the comments on the page linked refers to "WinPatrol," discussed elsewhere at Gizmo's, and I agree wholeheartedly, considering it to be a "must-have" app for every Windows box). "Unchecky" also silently auto-updates.

As of May 2015, the latest version of ImgBurn installer will include the OpenCandy with no available option to opt out!
Earlier versions included checkboxes under "Custom"/"Advanced" installation settings to choose to not install OpenCandy or other adware.
This is no longer available!

The only way to avoid install the malware is, as claimed on the OpenCandy website, is to either
- disconnect your system from the internet during installation
- include "/NOCANDY" switch in the command line in executing the installer
- configure your router to block all "*" connections

Clearly, steps more complex than the average user is knowledgeable enough to do.
There is absolutely no indication in the installer of OpenCandy being installed along with ImgBurn except in the bottom half of the 'Terms & Conditions' document!

Norton Antivirus has now marked this software as a malware and rightly so!
You should update this list to reflect the developer's ridiculous policy of selling out his users.

I'm confused....OpenCandy isn't installed on your system. There is no uninstall either. So I dont' understand what you mean by Checkboxes to not install OpenCandy. 

Its simply a temporary plug-in that offers other products during install of your software and it's lifetime is only during the installer process. It deletes itself automatically if you chose not to accept any recommendations. But if you chose to accept any recommendation then it will run on your system periodically for a few days to verify if the recommended app was activated and then self-destructs. 

BurnAware has been updated to version 8.0. Changelog here:

ImgBurn is now heavily bundled with other programs during the installation process. You must be very careful to chose custom installation in all screens and to then deselect the additional software installation attempts. Be very careful as the "express versus "custom" option will appear several times in an attempt to install the crapware.