Remember Reading Something On The Web? Now You Can Find It!


It's a problem I have all the time. I remember reading something on the web, but I don't remember which site or page it was on. Google brings up way too many hits, so how can I find out where I was reading that particular item?

Technically, this isn't a hard problem to solve. Your browser keeps offline cached versions of all the pages you visit, so why doesn't someone simply write a browser extension that can search them? Such things seem to come and go, but very few manage to impress me.

Here's one that does. It's called World Brain. It currently works only in Chrome but a Firefox version is said to be on the way.

World Brain








If you have Chrome, head to and get it now. Oh, and it also searches any PDF files that you might have downloaded too. It really is quite clever.

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I have Google Chrome Why doesn't it download - all it brings up is the 2-minute video.

You need to have Javascript enabled then you will see this and be able to "ADD TO CHROME". MC - Site Manager.

One or two of the commenters below don't seem to have appreciated that WorldBrain is keeping the text of all the pages you visit, not just the page title or URL. The text content is kept on your computer, not in the cloud.

It's a fascinating idea, although clearly fraught with some danger if not used carefully. It looks relatively easy to blacklist sites you don't want recorded (like banking sites), but I'll want to test how easy it is to do this before recommending it to others.

My other initial concern was about the amount of space that the data would take on my hard drive, but WorldBrain gives an estimate...for instance it tells me that if I were to import the contents of all the 13,000 articles in my history that would take about six hours and occupy 197Mb of space, which doesn't seem excessive.

If it works well, and it seems to do from my initial experimentation, then I would certainly hope it would become available as an extension on other browsers.

I keep all my history for quite a while - has proven invaluable in the past

Valuable find. Installed today. Much looking forward! THX. ~ Alan

Can you let us know when the FireFox (FF) version comes out?


Hasn't this been built onto Firefox since the introduction of the "awesome bar"?

I just go to the "show all bookmarks" and then hit search. Results come up instantaneously. Maybe this Brain thing is an improvement; it takes a few keywords to get what I'm looking for. But not having Google watching over my shoulder is a big plus.