Amazing Spreadsheet Templates for Excel And Others


Free spreadsheet templatesYou will recall from recent postings that I'm currently on the lookout for a new way of taking and recording notes. As part of my search, I also investigated methods for creating useful note-taking templates in spreadsheets such as Excel, OpenOffice and Libre Office.

One site I came across offers some amazing work. They are mostly spreadsheet templates, but not really for note-taking. Instead they are for more conventional spreadsheet purposes such as calendars, resumes, time planning, timesheets, forms and so on. There are even ones for fertility and ovulation.

What makes these templates so appealing is that they look absolutely stunning. The design is top-notch. My favourite is a heat map calendar. Enter some details of ongoing data, such as temperature, and it'll colour-code it to show you how it varies over the year.

You'll find all these designs, which are free, at You'll need a spreadsheet program in order to use them. For the calendar templates, downloads for 2017, 2018 and 2019 are currently available.







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Great find Rob, and thank you
I have been looking for a good calendar on the web for years
These calendars are available in both Excel and Word formats, and are extremely professional in their design
And just as importantly, no adware, no trial period, nor a need to provide personal information first

One minor flaw, which is feedback more for the website creators
Unless I am mistaken, these calendars only provide the day layout Sunday - Saturday
Many people prefer the day layout of Monday - Sunday, not Sunday - Saturday, with their calendars and diaries
I have had to redesign the downloaded calendar, to suit my preference
I found the Excel spreadsheet easier to modify than the Word version

Your passion in making our computing lives easier is much appreciated, and thanks again

"Many people prefer the day layout of Monday - Sunday"
Not in Australia