Microsoft's Clip Layer Lets You Copy Text From Any Screen On Android


Clip Layer iconClip Layer

If you own an Android smartphone or tablet, you have likely been copying and pasting text with the default method provided by the system.

To copy a full paragraph of words with that method, you would need to double tap or long press a word, and drag the set of bounding handles to highlight the whole paragraph before you tap the Copy button.

If that sounds cumbersome, you will need some other apps like Clip Layer, which needs just one tap of your finger to copy the whole paragraph of words and forget about the handles.

What's more, it also lets you copy text that appears on nearly any screen of your mobile device, which the system normally does not allow.

Clip Layer works like Universal Copy. It runs on Android, is provided by Microsoft, free for use and has no ads.

Clip Layer



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Arsclip is one of the best clipboard managers for the desktop, but he also has a free one for android devices

Yes, I have been using ArsClip Mini for months now. I like its 'favorites' features. Remember to enable the ArsClip Mini Service in Settings ---> Accessability.

Not compatible with my device Galaxy Note II, android 4.4.2.........thanks for all the interesting notifications you gave us in 2016.

Wish reviews of apps listed all permissions the app requires.

A good comment movrshakr. Permissions of this app are mentioned on the detail page