Let The Badger Help Maintain Your Online Privacy


Privacy BadgerPrivacy Badger is a web browser add-on that automatically blocks trackers, adverts, and anything else that appears to be invading your online privacy. It's a product of the Electronic Freedom Foundation, which has been in existence for about as long as the web has been around.

Although it has a range of options that you can tune in order to tweak its performance to your liking, it works pretty well if you just leave everything alone and allow the program to get on with its job.

To install it, just fire up the browser with which you want to use it, then head to https://www.eff.org/privacybadger to download it automatically. I've tried it with Chrome and Firefox, and it seems to perform very well.

If you've used Privacy Badger before, note that an all-new version 2.0 was released earlier this week, so make sure you're running the latest updates.






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I've been using Opera (in its many versions) for more than 15 years, and this extension works VERY WELL with Opera! Easy to install the extension, and the post-installation tutorial (sort of a slide show) is really useful and very easy to use. Lots of help available if you need it, too!
Thanks for telling us about this really neat software!

Ran this for a couple of years, and finally removed it yesterday. While it's great at finding all sorts of trackers, I got to the point where I had just too many sites that just wouldn't work right. Missing content, videos that wouldn't play, etc., that worked fine after disabling Privacy Badger. Great effort by the EFF in creating this, but just be aware that if you have issues with a site, disabling the app for that site or page should be among the first things you should try.

I've tried all the well-known ad-blockers and HOSTS replacements and sooner or later they all seem to run into this problem. I don't want to waste time endlessly tweaking extensions. I've now turned all blockers off except Disconnect (Chrome/Opera). This is an anti-tracker plugin and is not promoted primarily as an ad-blocker: nevertheless it's the most effective blocker I've tried and causes minimal interference with sites. It is also zero-maintenance.

At risk of starting WW3.... that's exactly why I dumped NoScript years ago ..a total PITA :)

I'm a NoScript user who fumes when I arrive at a site that requires me to try all sorts of temporary activations to determine which is the ONE (usually) that is blocking my desired content. What that says to me is:
1) Many sites are using far too many trackers - all the reason to keep using NS
2) NS and (presumably) Badger could develop whitelists, like adblocker+ that display the content without the unnecessary trackers