Another Great Free Survey Creation System


eSurv survey creation systemA couple of days ago I wrote on here about a free online system for creating your own surveys, polls, questionnaires and quizzes. It was very popular, so here's another similar system that you can also try out. Again, it's free to use.

The system in question is called eSurv and you'll find it at It's all browser-based so there's no software to install or download. As you can see from the screen shot here, it supports many different question types.














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I like Limesurvey. It's more complex than most of the free offerings out there but it supports decision-based surveys (eg "ask this question only if the answer to question x was y") and can also handle groups of questions as a unit ("ask this set of questions only if the answer to question x was y".)

You can install the complete survey engine on a webserver and it's completely free; or you can develop a survey and have them host it for you -- which costs money, but the first 25 responses in any given month are free and responses beyond that still very reasonable.

Compared to trying to make complex surveys work in a basic list of questions (via page skip logic) it allows you to design a more functional and understandable structure relatively easily and also provides detailed reporting of the results. Limesurvey has a bit more of a learning curve and you need some html skills if you want to go beyond the basic templates that are already included, but the product is absolutely excellent.

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