Extract The Licence Keys From Your Installed Software


LicensecrawlerYou know the problem. A program is misbehaving on your computer so you decide to fully remove it and then reinstall it. But although you have the installation CD, or you can download the installer from the vendor's web site, you can't find the installation key that you paid for. So you're unable to reinstall the program.

Or maybe you're about to upgrade your PC, and you'll need to install your software on the new machine. Again, you need those licence keys but you can't remember where you filed them.

Help is at hand, in the form of a neat piece of software called Licence Crawler. Most software products store a copy of the licence key in your PC's registry, so that they can periodically check that the key is valid. Licence Crawler scans the registry in search of those keys, and displays any that it finds. You can then paste the report into your word processor and print it out for safekeeping.

You'll find Licence Crawler at http://www.klinzmann.name/licensecrawler_download.htm and it's only a 1.4 MB download. The file is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust. Note that the download links will lead to pages in German and other non-English languages, but it should be obvious where the correct button is.

The program is free of charge for domestic non-commercial use. Sadly, presumably in anticipation of being used in a company environment, it does nag you about paying when you start using it. But it's worth continuing with the program, as the information it eventually produces is really useful.

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I've installed from two of them now and both were different version numbers - First one was 171.something. Got a message it was out of date - downloaded a second and it said the exact same thing: It's out of date. But it's correct. It and the website say 1.81 build-1502 is the current release. More fun with mystery software. Now I will see if it works or acts like it has with other posters.

I downloaded my copy from Softpedia
Ver 1.81 (Build 1502)
I have had no problems with it

Doesn't work for me. After extracting files I get out of memory errors when I try to run it.

Thank you as always for your diligence in finding software.

BUT: This is a find I would rather recommend to stay away from.

I downloaded it okay to my Win10 (64-bit) machine and after some fiddling with an non-intuitive UI it actually ran.

It showed that it found 2 entries - ha, I have MANY, many licensed programs installed, I don't run or use bootlegged software.

For me there seems to be no way to get anything even vaguely like what is shown in your picture (screen shot?) or on their web pages.

I have deleted this piece.

I ran searches for both full registry and file based licences. The disappointing result was that many licenses were not found. I am looking at the licenses this moment because fortunately I saved them in a WordPad file at the time of installation -- not because LicenseCrawler located these licenses for me. As stated, there are many licenses LicenceCrawler did not find for me.


First, I saw one pop-up, I selected "hide this" (or whatever the heck it said that's equivalent), that solved that issue. It actually looked like it might have been a useful program (in the pop-up), but I didn't want to play with that right now.

Second, it doesn't say it requires a remote computer and admin rights, it says "Remote networked computer and some local keys need admin rights", in other words, a remote network computer needs admin rights, some local keys need admin rights. Two statements, one sentence fragment. The latter shouldn't be in issue since you need to run it with admin rights anyway.

Really, it's not that hard to figure out.


The last 2 items I tried to download could not get to the sight:
November 3rd's on What's Connected To Your USB Ports? and
November 10th's on Extract The Licence Keys From Your Installed Software
Both kept giving the following messages:

This site can’t be reached

www.uwe-sieber.de took too long to respond.
Search Google for uwe sieber de usbtreeview


This site can’t be reached

www.klinzmann.name took too long to respond.
Search Google for klinzmann name licensecrawler download

Any idea what's going on???

Something wrong at your end most probably, because I can open both the sites here at my end.

There might be several reasons... something with your internet connection, or the DNS, or your security software, or extensions on the browser.

Perhaps someone with more knowledge than me can pin point on the issue.

Requirements: Remote networked computer and some local keys need admin rights.

I read that as admin rights are necessary to scan a remote networked computer, NOT that the latter is a requirement.

It is portable.
Would be nice if it could export to say Excel

PS Just ran the latest Belarc, and it lays the results out in a readable format.

Or create a Belarc Advisor profile, I really don't like that your program requires a "Remote networked computer".