Photo Stitching Software Is Completely Free


PanoramaPlus photo stiching softwarePanorama Plus, from Serif, is software allow you to stitch together multiple photos in order to create a larger image. Just take a series of photos from the same viewpoint, then import them into the program and it will automatically locate any overlapping sections in order to work out which photo goes where.

The starter edition of the software is completely free and, as you can see from the screen shot here, works really nicely to create some good panoramic composite shots. This example was my very first attempt.

You'll find the program at and it's a 25 MB download. The file is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.

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Having used MS ICE over the last 5+ years, I cannot see why anyone would ever need anything other than Microsoft ICE. There are multiple stitching methods available within the app so you can select the optimal output for your needs. Also, one of the latest improvements, ICE will automatically stitch not only horizontal series but also vertical series of photos. How can you argue with an automatic stitching of 15 pictures consisting of 5 across and 3 high? And to top it off, free! No need to look any further.

I've used Hugin and it's got a lot of tweaks and adjustments (corrects for lens distortion, color balance, vignetting, HDR mismatch). It's the only open source free-standing stitching app, and is cross-platform (Linux, FreeBSD, Mac, Windows).

I also used the Pandora plugin for Gimp. But it doesn't do vertical stitching, so for a vertical pan of a cathedral in France I turned the pictures 90 degrees then stitched them. I've had to do some manual matching as it's tough to see where lines match up on ornate architecture.

I've used PanoramaPlus, both free and (some years ago) paid.

It works good, but i have to agree that Microsoft Digital ICE is probably as good as the paid version ... and it's free.

I've been using free Microsoft ICE for many years. The latest version has an optional feature I really like, it has the ability to fill in those black jagged areas at the edges of the stitched photo. That feature probably wouldn't do too well with the photo above but often the edges are sky or foliage and it does very well. It also has options to correct the perspective to get rid of the fish eye look. Try