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Paragon Backup and Recovery Free imageDownload the full version of Paragon Backup and Recovery 16 for free (usually $39.95)!
Paragon has just released version 16 of their Backup and Recovery program, and are giving away free licenses for the full version of the program through November 1st, 2016.
To get the program, you'll need to create a free Paragon account, then download and install the program. During installation you'll be asked to register for an account. Just provide a valid email address and choose a country (presumably so you get the right language version) and you're done. You'll receive an activation code at the email address you provided. During my installation, the program activated automatically after registering, and I also received the activation code email with registration details, a bit different than described on the website.
Update: some people are having some trouble with the license and activation. Thanks to Anupam, here's the best way to go about getting this program installed:
Run the program setup, and during installation on the activation screen, you will see an option to login to your account. Since you have already registered, log in using your credentials, and the serial will automatically be sent to your email, and the program will run without any need of a serial.

Paragon is one of the top rated drive cloning programs here at Gizmo's Freeware.
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 10.

Download Paragon Backup & Recovery 16 Advanced Free

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have been using macrium reflect free for years. have made and restored many images with nary a problem. have other comments but am gunshy with rhiannon and dont feel like getting crushed like a grape for making an observation.

I use Macrium Reflect too but it can be daunting for newbies and basic users. Paragon's product is much simpler to use and I'd recommend it for that reason. But it definitely doesn't suit me because the simplicity comes at the expense of all the additional detail that Reflect provides and I rely upon.

You are correct.
I tried Macrium Reflect, and ran away 'daunted'

The program requires IE 10 or newer.

It is to be expected that Internet Explorer 10 is the new minimum requirement for most products. It is the minimum version for supported versions of Windows.

Older versions than IE 10 are only supported on specific operating systems. At the moment that is only IE 9 on Vista and Windows Server 2008. Mainstream support for those versions of Windows has already ended - respectively in 2012 and 2015 - so developers are accordingly dropping support for IE 9. Extended support for Vista ends in April 2017 so at that time support for end-users (that's us) of IE 9 effectively ends.

Can you tell us more about this issue? I would think that most of the people who downloaded and installed this program don't use Internet Explorer.

I don't use Internet Explorer and had no trouble downloading and installing it on a Windows 8.1 desktop.  

I planned to install it, but I changed my mind. The reason is this: The installation program tells me it requires
- Visual C++ 10.0 Runtime - x64 10.0.30319.1
- Visual C++ 10.0 Runtime - x86 10.0.30319.1
I had a look and my machine has already installed a bunch of different Visual C++ packages. Even a 10.0 version: 10.0.40219 (x64 and x86)
But apparently Paragon B&R doesn't check for that. So no thanks. Not another extra install of Visual C++.
Nevertheless, I'm grateful for Paragon's honesty in telling me beforehand, so that I can choose not to install them.

I have ten versions on my system. It would be nice of they all used, for example, version 12x, instead of version 12.0.21005.1 and well as 12.0.30501.0, both of which are on my system.

I guess Paragon B&R did check for them and you didn't have that exact version. Off by a decimal point maybe. :)

Different software require different versions of Visual C++ packages to be installed. These are quite small in size if you notice, so shouldn't be a bother. Anyways, if you don't want to install a software because of this, it's your choice.

My backups consist of:

1) DISASTER RECOVERY: Free Macrium Reflect for periodic disk image backups to another disk.
2) BACKUP & RESTORE:: Now free Cobian for various daily backups to another disk. (Not being actively developed but still available and I haven't found anything else as full featured)
3) [Commercial reference removed]

Thanks for outlining your back up plan. Nice three stage plan you have there. I haven't used Cobian for some years, it's good to see it's still around. I don't use cloud backup (don't really have the bandwidth for it), I have a couple of hard drives that I keep copies of current and previous disk images and incremental back ups of important files on. So far it's worked well for me. Little files that change often (like bookmarks) I back up to a USB stick (they're also backed up to external HDD's). The USB flash drive makes it easy to go from desktop to laptop.

I can certainly see why they're trying to give it away. It's a confused mess to get the serial number and key, but when I finally did, it was immediately obvious that both of the free programs that I now use are better.

It would be useful for the rest of us if you would tell us what two free programs you're using that work well for you and what makes them better choices. :)

I can understand if the gentleman thought that supplying names of competitors would be impolite under the circumstances, but since there are basically only four viable programs in this category, it shouldn't be too much trouble to figure out which ones he was referring to. I've tried them all - extensively, and I much prefer one "backupper" above the rest because it's faster, the resulting files are smaller, scheduled backups are easy, and it has never failed me, unlike the other three.

I'm curious (and probably others are too) about the titles of the preferred programs - they might not be ones listed here at Gizmo's. I enjoy hearing what programs others use and why they like them. :) 

It would help if you could qualify your comments with actual reasons otherwise folks will just view such statements as trolling. MC - Site Manager.

I cannot find a way to get a serial number for Paragon Backup 16. I registered an account at their home page but I don't see anywhere to obtain the serial number?

I will modify slightly what rhiannon posted.

Run the program setup, and during installation on the activation screen, you will see an option to login to your account. Since you have already registered, log in using your credentials, and the serial will automatically be sent to your email, and the program will run without any need of a serial. Hope this helps.

Download the program, and start installation............during installation you'll be asked to register. That's what worked for me.

Thank you for the post Rhiannon. Everything went through smoothly.

You're more than welcome. :)

Finding it difficult like others to get the program. Follow email immediately link to activate account and the link is already expired. Had to do this at least three times. Register with password and it's accepted; try to log in to Paragon site and the password is refused. Reset this three times also. Finally got into Paragon website to see if the license and serial were already entered, as I got no indication that it was. Serial = yes; License = no.

While I like the Paragon products, if I'm having this much trouble just getting into the program, it makes me wonder how reliable the program itself will be. Think that for now I will uninstall.

But keep these alerts coming! While this one has not worked well, many others you have suggested have been great.

Just curious if you're using an add-on or extension like Ghostery.........I've had problems similar to this with some add-ons. Also, the site might be getting overloaded due to the amount of traffic from the promotion.

Thanks for the thought on this. I have not used Ghostery, so that is not the problem. But I don't know what is. Perhaps I'll try again after the flurry of download activity dies down.

Yes, I am using Ghostery. 'Tis difficult to know, or guess, what may be causing 'inflamation of the registry'. Cheers, rhiannon.... and 'namaste' to you too.

It is hard to know what causes things to become so complex. Sometimes it can take many hours to figure things out, track them down, and get things going smoothly. Sometimes, it's too much trouble. :)

One give away per Paragon account.

Thanks Rhiannon and Anupam :)

Welcome :).

This Paragon BackupRecovery16 offering seems useful, but I had to follow Anupam's guidance above on opening it. Even then, I had several 'failures' getting the thing Registered and functioning...*** and I have an existing Paragon account going back years. It took me over 2 hours of prime time to bypass/jump the hurdles.... Straightforward and suitable for 'vanilla homeusers' it ain't.

***e.g. "Operation Failed. Paragon Backup and Recovery could not be started because some product that uses the Hard Disc Engine must already be running. Please close that program first and try again."

This may well have been an earlier Paragon System Backup 10 SE installation preventing shutdown, which took a number of devious tricks to uninstall.

Then there was "ERROR 1722
There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor."

But I couldn't login to my Paragon account, either, so I had to do some inelegant deletions 'with my own fair hand'.....