740,000 Free Images That You Can Search And Download


Pixabay image libraryWhen you need a picture for your flyer, brochure, website, Windows desktop and so on, there are plenty of places on the internet that you can find them. But unless you have the permission of the copyright owner, you can't legally use that picture.

There are online photo libraries which do allow you to download and use the photos, but most of them charge a hefty annual subscription fee.

Pixabay is one of the few image libraries which is free to use. It claims to have 740,000 photos and videos online, and you are permitted to use them for whatever you like.

Start your search at www.pixabay.com and see where it takes you.


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If I remember correctly, earlier, Pixabay didn't have any sorting by category. It was just a long neverending list of scrolling photos, which made it difficult to navigate, in case you decided to stop looking, and wanted to see the images again some other time.

Now, they have made categories of photos, and have also introduced image navigation by pages, which makes it easier to navigate through the photos. And you can continue looking from where you left the last time by bookmarking the page.

It's quite a good site.

When i looked just now, i saw two photographic images featuring plush toy versions of trademarked characters (Kermit and the pink Panther), which i am pretty sure it would be better to not use on your website.

I'm not up on that kind of copyright or trademark law, and in any case, it varies wildly from country to country. It's probably not enforceable on a global basis, unless you have a lot of money to pursue the issue around the globe in each case an image is used. If someone could find you legally liable for taking a photo or creating an image that contains something that's copyrighted, there's a lot of people in trouble - for example, what about an image someone posts on a site such as Facebook, where a person holding a copyrighted/trademarked object like Kermit the Frog? Or, more likely, a can of trademarked beer? Photographs are protected under their own copyright laws I think, as are books, manuscripts and other written content. I'm not sure where trademark infringement would apply to photos.

Pixabay is the go to photo stock place for me! The images are high quality and free to use! I find different photographers I like and follow them. That way, I get photo updates each time these photographers post any new images. Many of my peers in design are on to Pixabay, too! I think it is an awesome site!

You will occasionally find images on Pixabay that are watermarked, apparently to protect them from free distribution. Nevertheless, Pixabay is an outstanding source for images that may legally be used.

Was already mentioned in rhiannon's "Finds of the week" of 2015, Dec 15th (http://www.techsupportalert.com/content/finds-week-brilliant-time-zone-site-520000-awesome-free-high-quality-images-using-metered)