Possibly The Most Detailed PC Info Viewer I've Yet Seen


WMI InfoViewWhen you're troubleshooting problems on a PC, it's important to be able to dig into the hardware and software of the machine to see what's installed. There are plenty of free programs around that claim to help you do this, but finding good ones which are both comprehensive and free can be difficult. I tend to write about such examples here, whenever I find a new one. And today I found something that's both new (to me) and good.

The program is called WMI InfoView. The WMI part comes from the fact that it uses the built-in Windows Management And Instrumentation system that's been part of the operating system for many years. It allows programs to glean reliable information about what's installed, and how well it is performing.

As you can see from the screen shot, WMI InfoView is a great way to explore what's happening in your computer. The software is a 1.5 MB download from http://leelusoft.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/wmi-infoview-102.html and it's free. It's also portable, and is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.

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Appreciate most of the stuff Gizmo shares, but this app is somewhat of a joke - a fiasco, if you will. For starters, I tested it against such apps as WinPatrol, Autoruns, etc. I always test the system Startup commands first. This WMI Info app fared the worst, and for obvious reasons: Windows will not let the app report its own startup commands. Therefore, useless, since you can never know what info MS Windows is withholding.

BTW - loved those orange autumn trees! :)

Not nice to call coding a joke or fiasco, it is free and does exactly what it says, providing WMI tables information, and it gives a lot of info on many aspects.
If startup commands are so important for you, here is another free and portable utility by me that will provide you a lot of info on that, wrote it many years ago but it is still relevant:

Can this be used on a Nokia Lumia 920 phone?

Probably not. There's no indication on the website that the author has developed a version to be used on Windows Phone/Windows Mobile.

Hi All,

The software is clean! the code contains only WMI queries and GUI settings.
I can't control the virus alerts of some sites or browsers or AV software...
There is no installer, it is a portable software, just unzip and run it.
The results are based on WMI queries, and the odd dates comes from the WMI response.
It can run only on WMI supported OS.

Enjoy it,
Zvikai - LeeLu Soft

Thank you for contributing here Zvikai and providing freeware apps for us all to enjoy.

AV generated false positives are a constant headache for both end users and developers and unfortunately some of the worst offenders are among the most popular. Blind reliance on any sort of security software is never a good idea and this site provides several articles which will hopefully be useful to those users prepared to take a more constructive approach to securing their data. MC - Site Manager.

Very nice one Rob, thanks.

Excellent program.

Windows Millenium Edition Protection, doesn't allow VMI Infowiew to run.

WMI doesn't exist under Windows ME so it is no surprise that the program cannot run. WMI was only introduced with Windows NT and the first desktop version was Windows 2000 which came later than Windows ME.

Get it from here....http://leelusoft.blogspot.co.uk/

Scanned the download with SUPERAntiSpyware and AVG which both reported clean.

Very useful app that - thanks Gizmo!

According to WMI InfoView, the battery on my MB was installed on 30/12/1899!

torres no tan magnifico:
Same in my laptop!


Things were made to last in those days!

Thanks Rob!
I did not know that site! Going there right now!

David R: Which is that spyware site?


Clicking on their link in Media Fire led to a spyware site. Use caution.

Redirects and dubious external links are a feature of many websites although a properly configured, safe browser will block these and post a warning. http://i.imgur.com/NqOD6q0.png. The download link itself however only pulls in the product which is completely safe. MC - Site Manager.