Accidentally Closed All Your Browser Tabs? No Problem!


Chrome browser tabsHere's another installment in an occasional series of useful tips rather than actual freeware downloads. I haven't written a tip for a few months, so it's definitely time for one. And this is really handy if you use Chrome as your browser.

Here's the scenario. You've got loads of browser tabs open, because you're looking at a number of sites. Then you inadvertently close your browser and you realise, too late, that one of those sites was actually important. But you've forgotten which one, and you don't even recall its URL.

Thankfully, there's a really easy solution to this. Open Chrome again and, when it's loaded, press Ctrl+Shift+T. Chrome will instantly restore every tab that was open when you last closed the program, so the site you wanted to remember will now be accessible.

So remember: to re-open all your previous tabs, just load Chrome again and press Ctrl+Shift+T and you can stop panicking.

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On Mozilla Firefox I use the "Session Manager" extension. It automatically saves and restores your open windows and tabs if your computer crashes or if you do happen to close a window by accident.

You can also save open windows individually, name your sessions, the list goes on. A must-have if you're a Firefox user.

For CHrome there is an extension called ONE TAB and it will move all the pages into a One Tab page where the page set can be named, edited and restored at any time in the guture. Hand for Projects and hobby stuff that you want to work on (say) next week

I second ONE TAB - very useful - you can export and import your URLs (tabs) so easy to move between devices too

That is a nice tip since I mostly use SlimJet, yet another chrome variation. As for Opera, I stayed with v. 8.52 for years when other browsers got bulky with feature creep. I still have Opera v. 12.14 64 bit for when the up to date browsers cannot seem to do something such as playing a Flash video from a particular site. Opera did some things well but the publishers adhered to bizarre obstinacy in strange places such as objecting to an AutoCopy method or any alternative to carpal tunnel syndrome when copying lines to the clipboard. The same attitude seems to plague Vivaldi.

For now I find SlimJet Portable 32 bit to be my chrome flavor of choice. :)

Or you could use Opera, as I have done for right at 20 years now. The new Opera uses the Chrome source and is almost always on the cutting edge of innovation. One other plus is that it tends not to have hackers trying to screw around with the software, because it is not one of the most used big boys.

THANKS!! Sure beats control H (History) and going through all that!!

Or you can select "On Startup... Continue where you left off" in Chrome settings. But, if you don't utilize that setting, this is a good tip.