Got A Blurred Photo? Here's How To Sharpen It Up.


LimeRelight photo sharpening toolDespite our best efforts, sometimes a digital photo turns out to be a little less sharply focused than we'd like. Maybe the camera was shaking, or the shutter speed was set incorrectly. If so, before you delete the photo from your disk or camera and accept that the shot simply isn't usable, try uploading it to a site called Lime Relight.

The system, which is free to use, will attempt to de-blur your image and make it sharper. And while it's not perfect, it does sometimes do a very good job indeed.

Dig out a blurry photo, fire up your browser, and head to to see what you think.







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You seriously neglect to mention that the site only returns a small thumbnail of the original. Clearer – but essentially useless.
Really bad reporting.

After 20 years, IRFANVIEW is still king among image editors as far as I'm concerned.

As soon as I received Rob´s comment on lime relight, I tried it.
I uploaded a blurred photo of a person and used "Sharp" option.
After may be 20 seconds the result that appeared was excellent compared with the original.
That resulting image was downloaded with a different name. Something like: limerelight1471570253663.jpeg
Both dimensions were reduced about 30%, but the good result compensates that.

Definitely a work in progress. Sharp doesn't work and the rapid version saves a thumbnail - didn't try the others. I can't see the point of this.
There are any number of free image editors for any OS you happen to use that will do this sort of job in an instant.

I like the idea of this application.

I can see the difference between the upper-original picture and the processed one on the bottom. Then what? The button “SAVE” creates a long-lasting hourglass but nothing else seems to happen. Does the software overwrite (or attempt to do so) on my computer? If so there needs to be a way to name it as something different from the original filename.

Does anyone know how to save and make use of the modified picture?

When I click on Save nothing happens, so I cannot save the deblurred picture to my laptop. Can anybody solve my problem?
Windows 7,

Same here, though I'm using Linux/FFox. I tried to download (save) using both Uget and FFox's default dl'er. Uget gave me the error msg:
Message: Unsupported scheme (protocol).

It's called "unsharp mask" in image editors...

My uploaded 1.5 Mpixel photo was saved as something a bit larger than a thumbnail!

Is the uploaded photo stored on the web? Who has access? What rights do I retain to my photo?

If you wish to retain "rights" to your photos, Rick never post them ANYWHERE on the Web.

Thanks again Rob.
Excellent advise!
I tried with a blurred photo of a person, using "sharp" and the result was astonishing!

Rob, i enjoy each and every one of your tips. I am sorry that i do not show it often enough in the ratings above.