20 Over Places To Look For Free And Beautiful Wallpapers



Ever wished you could just flip the wallpaper in your home or office to freshen up the look? Maybe. But in reality, that would be pretty costly.

Instead, why not try changing the wallpapers on the screens of your computers and mobile devices as well? That won't cost you a single cent. And what's more, there are plenty of places where you can go to find some great free wallpapers.

Here is a list of more than 20 places where you can get excellent and beautiful wallpapers curated and sorted in alphabetical order for you to explore.


Places to look for Wallpapers

  1. 3D Wallpapers
    3D and many other categories of wallpapers are available.
    Choose your HD wallpaper optimized for phone and desktop background, with variety of topics and high-quality images available from courtesy of talented artists.
  3. 60 Beautiful Ubuntu Desktop Wallpapers
    You could wear it proud and for starters, a nice Ubuntu wallpaper on the desktop
  4. 60 Most Beautiful Apple Wallpapers
  5. Beautiful apple related wallpapers, inclusive of apple logo, Mac OS X, time machine, iPods, and more.

  6. 70 beautiful dual screen desktop wallpapers
    Collected from around the Web, each screenshot is clickable and linked to its source.
  7. ABDUZEEDO Articles on Wallpaper
    Featuring Wallpaper of the Week with a story line, good for desktop, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
  8. Best Game Wallpapers
    Download game wallpapers by game index.
  9. Bing Homepage Gallery
    Showcases images featured on the U.S. Bing homepage during the last five years, searchable by category, tag, color, holiday, place, country or region.
  10. Bing Wallpaper Archive
    Daily full resolution Bing wallpaper or background downloads for free, usually with three images - two with the Bing logo and one without.
  11. DesktopNexus
    Select a wallpaper from galleries or recently popular wallpapers, click "Enlarge Wallpaper" and it automatically retrieves the image optimized for your computer screen.
  12. Desktopography
    Feel the essence of nature in wallpapers and choose an exhibition to browse through.
  13. desktopWallpapers.net
    Check listing of most popular wallpaper categories.
  14. Digital Blasphemy
    A free gallery of high-reso 3d wallpapers and links to some best computer art sites.
  15. eWallpapers
    Fills your desktop with latest wallpapers by categories and resolutions. Dual monitor wallpapers available.
  16. Fantastic Wallpapers
    A showcase of over 50 fantastic wallpapers that will blow your desktop away. Most of them are in HD and makes your desktop nifty.
  17. GoodFon.su
    Featuring free desktop, laptop, HDTV and mobile wallpapers by category, containing thousands of wallpapers in over 3000 pages.
  18. Gorgeous Aurora & Colour Spectrum Wallpapers
    A combination of 26 colourful spectrum wallpapers with some awesome mixtures of aurora wallpapers.
  19. InterfaceLIFT
    More than 2,000 wallpapers sorted by date, downloads or rating, and various resolutions to suit your PCs or mobile devices, with auto detection of your screen resolution.
  20. Jootix Wallpapers
    Thousands of quality wallpapers grouped in various categories. You can easily search them by keywords, or sort them by the newest, popularity, top rated or most viewed, then click one you like and select a resolution that best suits your screen size.
  21. Kicking Designs
    Get lots of photographic wallpapers.
  22. LiveWallpapers.org
    A site dedicated to animated or live wallpapers for Android mobile devices, easy to browse by best rated, popular or categories.
  23. MrWallpaper.com
    Free high quality wallpapers divided into categories with your screen resolution automatically identified. You can list the wallpapers by most viewed, most commented, top rated or in random.
  24. Social Wallpapering
    A community effort to classify, rank and distribute high resolution wallpapers.
  25. Wallpapers.AndroLib.com
    Find wallpapers or backgrounds for your Android phone with keywords. You can also submit your own creations and share them with others.
  26. WallpapersWIDE
    High quality wallpapers grouped by categories with filters by aspect ratios or resolutions for wide screen, HD, standard, mobile, dual and other. Your display aspect ratio and resolution are detected for you as well.
  27. WinCustomize
    Get wallpapers sorted by overall downloads, last updated, etc.


Not enough? Get more from Image Search Engines below...

  • Google's Advanced Image Search
    Enter a subject (e.g. flowers) in the search box, click "use my desktop size" and click "Google Search" button. It brings up various wallpapers all fitting your screen.
  • Bing's Free Desktop Wallpaper
    This gives you many wallpapers in categories such as computer, holiday, celebrity, etc. Select "SIZE" and click "Wallpaper" to filter the wallpapers by your screen resolution.


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National Geographic has a great collection. Go to
to get a program ngdl.exe that will let you download many years worth of wallpapers

Great list Jojo, here are two I like:
It aggregates the wallpapers from bing's sites (China, France, Canada, Brasil, Germany and Worldwide). They usually post three images, two with the bing logo (one on English, one in the language the wallpaper was taken from, and one with no logo) and lately have been posting an addition size of 1080x 1920, good for mobile phones.

And this one:
Showcases images featured on the bing US home page for the last five years.

www.iorise.com forwards me to a Wikipedia page.

The Bing Image Gallery disappeared one day. All that's available anymore is the background image of the day. You can scroll back to see previous images but I think there's a limit on how many days you can track back.

Perhaps it was easier for them to do a redirect than to cancel the account?

Could be. The only other thing I can think of is that they didn't want to pay to keep the site hosted along with the images even if they weren't adding to it, so they deleted everything and implemented a redirect.
There are probably other scenarios, I have minimal working knowledge of that kind of thing, mostly through the domains I own that are hosted. There's usually a monthly hosting fee and yearly domain name renewal with most web hosting companies and domain registrars - though most website hosting companies are also domain registrars these days.

I recently ran across this website that serves a similar function, but sometimes it's offline, like now. At the moment there's a 502 Bad Gateway error. Worth checking back for though.

Good suggestions Rhiannon. The two are now added to the list. I've removed a few outdated links and added a few more places recommended by site visitors.