A Better Hard Disk Health Diagnostic


Crystal Disk hard disk health diagnostic toolA couple of days ago I wrote here about a way to quickly check the health of your hard disk. Although the technique works just fine, it gives you only the information about the current status. And although the status might be reported as healthy, this can be misleading. For example, if Windows detects a problem with your drive and then automatically fixes it, the drive will appear healthy even though the underlying problems still remain.

For a more reliable test of your hard disk, check out Crystal Disk Info which you'll find at http://crystalmark.info/?lang=en in a variety of formats. The easiest option is to download the portable version of the Standard Edition, which is 4.6 MB. The program is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.

When you run it, it interrogates the error log in your hard disk and will tell you about the current state of the drive and also about any errors which Windows has automatically worked around. As you can see from the screen shot below, the disk in question is labelled as being of "Caution" status because Windows has automatically worked around a number of bad sectors on the drive. This disk needs replacing sooner rather than later, to avoid a major failure.

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Which version do I download? There are several different ones listed and your article doesn't mention this. Thanks!

Downloaded portable but on double click DiskInfo32 file I get message Not Found "Graph.HTML"
Please advise next steps

My SSD C drive says GOOD with 99% underneath it .... but I can find nothing in help to explain what this means.

@ hpearce
Look at the detailed info below where diskinfo says "remaining life" for your SSD, it should be matching that figure. For SSD's this is like a wear indicator rather than state of health. It's not telling you it's 1% failed but rather that it's used up 1% of its estimated life expectancy.


Windows 10: works fine for me, so far from useless. I used the x64 portable version. Thanks Rob, nice one

Windows 10 : No disk found. Useless.

Nice n simple to understand. I like that it gives a temperature reading as well. Used portable version