I Love This Free Set Of Integrated Techie Tools


Tech tool kitIf there's one thing better than a free tool to help me fix and diagnose problems on my PC, it's a set of 17 such tools, all available from a single menu.

And that's just what you get with ENT, or Essential Net Tools, from TamoSoft.

To get the program, start at http://www.tamos.com/products/nettools/ to read all about the product, then follow the link at the bottom of that page to get to the download area.

The download itself is around 8 MB and the program is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.

Among the tools on offer, all of which are shown on a single easily-accessible menu, are network and Windows diagnostic facilities. You can scan a range of ports on your PC or network, for example, to look for open connections. You can view details of all available wireless hotspots in the area. You can verify that a particular email address is valid. You can view all the processes running on your PC, too, along with a handy graph that names the programs which are currently occupying the most resources.

Try ENT for yourself. It's fun, educational, and completely free. This is one product that's staying on my main PC.

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...and a thank you from me too rob !
Have to agree with Peter...this is a nice little addition to my tool kit.

Thanks Rob.
As they say in the web site, this is really an Swiss Army knife!
Downloaded OK. Now, to try every tool!