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Instant messaging (IM) apps are a must-have tool on any smartphones as it allows you to send text and voice messages using your data connection to bypass cellular SMS, MMS or cellular call charges.

With the emergence of smartphones, the IM software clients which were popular for desktop use have taken a backstage.

Substituting their place are mobile instant messaging apps and the most popular among all now is certainly WhatsApp Messenger.

WhatsApp, of which company acquired by Facebook in 2014 at a whopping cost of more than US$19 billion, is the most widely used instant messaging app worldwide and has achieved more than 1 billion installs at the Google Play Store.

Unlike an SMS which you can send to anyone with a phone, an instant message needs the same app between two parties or in a group to communicate with.

Due to this, you probably will find that installing one IM app like WhatsApp is not good enough on your mobile as one of your contacts may use another app. But using the most popular WhatsApp will get you started to connect to most of your contacts who will likely be using the same app around the world.

This app works across multiple platforms for Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry mobile devices. It also has a desktop version for Windows or Mac OS X system and a Web version for you to use in any supported web browsers. Check out the link below for more details about WhatsApp Messenger.

WhatsApp Messenger



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I only use whatsApp because some of my adult children live half way around the world, I refuse to use Messenger which was the one prior to that that they preferred to use- phew!
However from the time I knew FB acquired WA Ive been using it less and less and wanting something totally unconnected with Google, FB et al.
The trouble isnt finding one so much as trying to get family who are quite happy with the convenience and so-called encription of WhatsApp that they show little to no interest in movinng on:/
People just get lazy about actively pursuing 'safer' ( hopefully!), alternatives even though they often complain about the obvious intrusiveness etc of most of the stock IM apps.
I myself admit it becomes tedious sometimes when you finally find something that delivers on the requirements you're looking for but sooner or later gets picked up by the big multi billion $ companies and becomes just another like the rest of your blacklisted ones.
My want of my legal rights to privacy is still more important to me so I soldier on no matter what.
I just wish my family/friends werent mostly the 'bury the head in the sand' types who say that 'it's too late now anyway'. They do have a point however that doesn't take into account other very serious privacy invasion issues that we will be dealing with in the very near future!
I seriously don't see how WhatsApp can be seriously offered on techsupportalert as an alternative IM in this day and age, but that's just my opinion!

Instant messaging app?

No thanks.

I disable the stock IM apps on my devices immediately i get them.

Proprietary, and Facebook. Two strikes.

This screenshot is 4-5 years old !! It's from froyo-gingerbread era !!

Good point Av_Crazy, I have now replaced it with a new one :)