Got A Lenovo Laptop? You Need To Uninstall The Accelerator.


Lenovo supportSome good news, and some bad news. The good news is that Lenovo computers come with a pre-installed program called Accelerator, which helps to speed up certain Windows applications.

The bad news? There's a serious security vulnerability in Accelerator, which could allow someone to install a program on your computer by disguising it as an updated version of Accelerator.

Lenovo is therefore recommending that you uninstall Accelerator, if it's present on your PC or laptop.

Details of the affected computers, and how to remove Accelerator, are at and you really should check it out as soon as you can.

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Well , I see some Lenovo system accelerator Plugin.dll & AccelDll.dll . Is this the thing infected or is it a exe file please ?

Surely this is old news - though it is always worth pointing it out for the benefit of newer buyers.

No, The Accelerator vulnerability is new.

Does this just apply to their desktops and laptops, what about tablets?

Try clicking the link that Rob was good enough to provide, the one after "Details of the affected computers, and how to remove Accelerator, are at"

Thanks for this, it appears I am not affected, but agree with Joe--I have yet to really look at the first program bundle of Lenovo's. These bundles come with some "stuff" my Epson printer is one too

Computer manufacturers strike again! That's all I can say really. True, Lenovo has been making headlines quite a lot lately, but the fact is ALL computer manufacturers bundle stuff with their computers. What we need is to stop the bundleware! We can do without those "favors."

I agree with you, Joe A.TT.

Most of the time, the pre-installed "packs" bring more problems (confusion, annoyance, slowness...) than real good solutions for the maintenance of a stable, fast and efficient OS.

Could not agree more. Some time ago I bought a high end Toshiba laptop with Windows 7 Pro. The extra garbage installed was a nightmare to research and remove. Doing so for some of it can invalidate your warranty. MC - Site Manager.