My Preferred File Compression/Unzip Tool


7Zip file zip utilityRecent versions of Windows have an inbuilt ability to handle file compression (commonly known as Zipping). You can compress one or more files by right-clicking its icon and choosing Send To, Compressed Folder. Equally, you can extract a .zip file archive with just a right-click.

However, Windows can't handle all of the well-known compression formats so the extraction facility sometimes fails. For example, if you download a file in .GZ format and attempt to decompress it from Windows, even Windows 10, it won't work.

For such tasks, I use a well-known compression tool called 7Zip, which was last updated just a few days ago. You'll find it at and the first 2 links on that page will lead you to the installers for 32- and 64-bit Windows versions. Each is only around 1 MB to download. The files are both malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.

Once installed, you can now right-click on any compressed file and choose the 7Zip option to extract it. 7Zip is free to use.

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I too have used 7Zip for years.
I find it very easy unlike some others.

Me too. It's also our Editors' Choice.

When software is Open Source, please say so --- as this is an important factor for many in choosing software.

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I came here thinking I'd find a new utility, found you are recommending my one and only favorite compression tool. It's hands down the best. It also unpacks iso files, which is a super feature,

There's no question that 7-zip has its uses, but I've never cared for its interface at all. I use IZArc for day-to-day tasks. (A whole lot of people were turned off by the adware bundling in some older versions, but that has been put to rest.)

Make sure you get the 602 or higher version since there were security holes in the earlier ones apparently.

I love 7zip, not just for normal zipping/unzipping, it can open all sorts of other things too, well worth poking around to see what it's capable of.

It is available as a portable program as well.