A Task Manager That Learns About Your Faults


The trouble with project management software is that it insists on playing by the rules. You enter a task, you give it a deadline, and the software keeps track of things to ensure that it gets done in time. But there's no wiggle-room. No easy way of saying to the software "I'm running a few days late, so please adjust everything accordingly".

Not only does Rescoper solve that problem, it even does so automatically. If it notices that you're running a few days behind schedule, it will reorganise everything for you, or tell you how best to get back on track. If you add too many tasks, it'll warn you that you don't have a hope of finishing them all in time. In short, it's project management software with built-in artificial intelligence.

And if your team consists of 5 people or fewer, it's completely free.

There's nothing to download, as Rescoper is all web-based. Head to www.rescoper.com to try it out, and see if it helps you manage your time and your projects. And as you can see from the screen shot, its report generation facilities are very simple to use and understand.

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See Evernotes in local mode
Looks good on specs, and it certainly does fill in a hole of a decent Task Manager. The biggest minus to me would be no android app and no link into evernotes.

Hello BernardZ - you seem to be quite knowledgeable about task managers - I am looking for a desktop app / task manager as I have an aversion to cloud / online apps. Can you recommend one similar to the one in this discussion?
Thanks - FW