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Showbox video studioShowbox (www.showbox.com) is a web-based video production studio. Use it to create impressive videos for your hobby, business, school, company, or just about anything else. Choose from a variety of templates for backgrounds, add effects and additional footage, and assemble your masterpiece.

The best way to find out just how flexible the system is, is to click on the Watch Video link on their home page. It'll show you all the major features. And it was created in Showbox, so you can see just how good the results look.

Showbox is free for general use, and is definitely worth checking out.



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It will take me an hour just to read the Terms and Conditions, and translate from Lawyerese to English.

I wish there was more info on the home page, too, but scrolling to the bottom of it there is a support link that takes you to some FAQs and one of the basic ones shows a basic tutorial. It could be a lot better--a lot of stuff is gone over way to quickly for me so I have to rewind quite often, but it is solid info, not fluff and you don't have to register to see it.

After watching the tutorial a couple of things strike me. Once you finish a video the only options are to publish it somewhere online--no way is mentioned to save it to your computer. Which kind of makes sense with my other thought--the app is well named because it is really just for producing shows, not any other simpler kinds of video. If anything, production values are overdone.

Thanks for posting--I'll keep it in mind, but don't feel a need to register for it right now.

Aside from a rapid fire You-tube video that was all fluff Showbox didn't actually show me anything. If they can't even bother to offer a FAQ on the home page I'm really not too interested in registering. They don't even tell you what file limits exist or what formats are supported. I'm pretty sure there are better options out there for those looking to create videos.