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Speccy information appI love trying out new PC software which claims to be able to detect the details of all the components installed in your computer. My latest favourite is called Speccy, from Piriform (who also make CCleaner).

The program is available in a variety of versions, including one that's totally free. You'll find it at and it's a 5 MB download. The program is malware-free according to both Web of Trust and VirusTotal (although it does lose a point from the latter for having a bundled Google toolbar, which you can choose not to install).

So if you've ever wondered precisely who makes your motherboard, or the current temperature of your hard disk (34 degrees celsius in my case, apparently), check out this excellent troubleshooting utility.



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I have my Windows 10 settings at "Change the size of text, apps, and other items: 125%".

Windows 10 reports my screen resolution is set to 2560x1600, as I want it to be the highest my monitor supports. But Speccy reports that while my monitor is capable of 2560x1600, the current resolution is set at 2048x1280. Not sure who is right, Windows or Speccy.

Also be aware that Windows 10, during its frequent updates, will often uninstall Speccy and report that it is not compatible with Windows 10.

As an alternative, you can have a quick check of your screen resolution by going here, or check more info of the display such as pixel ratio here.

Both these report different and wrong resolutions: 1451x907. The method suggested by Remah works and shows that my screen is showing 2560x1600 as it should.

All I have to do is change the zoom ratio on my browser window and one of these sites keep reporting different resolutions.

Screen resolution can change to suit full-screen applications so were any applications running?

You can check the actual displayed screen image:

  • Maximise the current window on the monitor you want to check.
  • Copy the complete window to the clipboard by pressing Alt+PrintScrn.
  • Paste into Paint, crop to selection if there was a previous image.
  • See the image size from Menu: File > Properties

Thanks. That confirms that my screen is set to 2560x1600, the highest resolution of my monitor and just what I wanted.

Physical pixels are 2560x1600 whereas the effective pixels are 2048x1280. On your system the effective pixels are scaled by 125% to match the physical pixel size. Speccy is reporting the effective pixels which would have been the correct result before Windows 8.

Microsoft have a useful article on the issues with scaling Display scaling in Windows 10. It is relatively technical but the gist of the issue is that we are in a transition from programs not designed to be scaled - which are mainly older programs - to programs that can be fully scaled. Microsoft Office, for example, can't be fully scaled whereas Windows apps are largely fully scalable.

installed easily on win7 64...informative, easily read and understood. same quality as cc cleaner. thanks for the info. clas

I use Speccy regularly and store its (HTML) reports. This comprehensive inventory of hardware and, more importantly, software assets is very useful when tracking down an obscure installed application or rebuilding your suite of business-critical applications on a new system.

I've used it for several years, recommend it to our clients and and have experienced no problems with it.

I tried it on my XP system and it didn't work out so well. I'll stick with System Information for Windows (SIW) and the old AIDA 32; I'd buy the newest version if I could afford it, but I can't right now, so I'll stick with the old FREE version.

I've used Speccy on a number of different PCs over the years and never had a problem with it. It's not an app you would normally use very often... how often do you need to check up on the specs on the innards of your PC?... but it's a nice utility to have. I'd be curious why "it didn't work out so well" on your Windows XP PC? Just saying "it didn't work out so well" without providing any details, frankly, isn't a useful comment on its own. Care to elaborate, wildweasel?

Sure! I don't have a problem elaborating. I downloaded "Speccy Portable 1.29.714" from Softpedia. I installed it on my hard drive where I install stand alone programs; I need to buy a bigger, better Flash Drive, which I just may do Friday. In any case it wasn't until after I deleted it from my system that I realized that it may not have worked properly because I didn't place it on a portable storage device.

When I opened the program it would not update my CPU, Motherboard, or Storage devices either optical or logical (SATA); there were a few other things it would not update, but I don't remember what those things were.

I downloaded the portable version because Softpedia told me that the regular download of the current version was ad supported. I could have download version 1.25.674, but the portable version was the latest version and did not appear to be ad supported.

I have to admit that the version of "SIW" I use is an older version, about 4 - 6 years old; I'm financially handicapped and cannot afford it at this time.

I stay real busy because I take care of handicapped/disabled adults and that consumes huge amounts of my time. When I have some time I will go back and download version 1.25.674 and give that a go. After I get the new Flash Drive I will download and install the portable version and give it another go.

Thanks for that level of detail. I'm sure people will appreciate it.

FYI, my experience is with the free installed version of Speccy, not the portable. Just today, I updated my Speccy version from 1.28 to 1.29. I can assure you, Speccy does not include any advertising, nor does the installer program have any sneakware included. The screen shot Rob showed above is representative.

Piriform does offer a paid version of Speccy with a few more features, which of course they will try to steer you to. But I find the free version to be quite adequate. Unlike CCleaner which Piriform seems to update every month, Speccy gets just 2-3 updates a year, mostly to enable detection of the newest hardware.

Thanks, for that; it gives me more confidence in downloading and installing the current version - I'll go do that right now and will still give the portable version another shot when I get a bigger Flash Drive. And I'll come back with an update on how both the regular and portable versions work, for me.


Maybe, just maybe, you should consider not using Softpedia? Or any other "download portal" for that matter? IMHO Softpedia is a "well known" download portal and warnings against download portals are abundant.

It almost ALWAYS is better to download any software from the author's page(s) only. For Speccy that would be

Everyone has an opinion about these kinds of things; as for me I don't trust all software authors sites. I do trust Softpedia; they guarantee their downloads to be free of malware and I've never had a problem with them. The times I have had a problem it has always been with an External Download and been the fault of the authors site. I will ad that I do trust the Pinform site, to a point, but I just default to Softpedia for all my downloads. I've tried countless download sites and Softpedia, in my opinion, is the best. On top of that they let me know when my installed software is updated: one of the biggest reasons I use Softpedia. I would consider myself a techie to the point that I know just enough to keep myself from getting in trouble, but when I get myself in trouble, not always enough to get myself out without having to ask for help. With that said I know a lot of Advanced Techies that swear by Softpedia, but everyone has their own opinion about these sorts of things.

I did download and install "Speccy 1.29.714"; it updated everything except my storage devices and audio. It does give me a pretty in depth look at my computer, except for Audio and Storage Devices.


Thanks for the elaborate reply; I especially welcome the info about Softpedia, I will give it another try.

And definitely YMMV.

Re. "opinion" let me please add - and I paraphrase Ricky Gervais:

Opinions don't change facts.
Facts should change opinions, if you are reasonable. ;;-)

There is a portable version that does non include any "extras"