A Friendly Mac-Like Program Launcher For Windows


Free Windows program launcherIf you use a Mac, iPad or iPhone then you'll know that the program launcher screen is more friendly and simple than the default Windows desktop. And sometimes, simple is best.

Paper Plane is a program which gives you a simple desktop program launcher which bears a passing resemblance to the iPad and Iphone one. It runs on Windows, and it's completely free. Paper Plane is easy to use, and it helps to make your use of Windows more efficient. It automatically organises your icons based on how often you use each program, so commonly used ones will be most accessible. And you can easily add new programs, built-in accessories or files to the desktop screens if you want. It doesn't replace your standard Windows desktop either, so there's nothing to lose if you don't like it.

You can get Paper Plane from www.itigic.com and it's a 2 MB download. The program is virus-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.

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I tried this and could not figure out how to use it. So I tried to uninstall it.... and not only found no uninstall information, but was completely unable to find the program files. What now?

A desktop is just, it's for working on stuff on your desk. It shouldn't be for launching programs.

Looks like Gnome 3 desktop on Linux. Not too many people like it, but to each their own.

Re: eikelein' comments, I sympathize entirely! My way around the problem of the "blank stare" is to say,
"Tap on the Windows Key - bottom left between Ctrl & Alt"
"Tap on the T Key - now the E Key - now the A Key, etc., etc." (until TeamViewer or the desired program is completely typed)
"Left-Click on TeamViewer in the displayed results" (or the desired program)
Then starts the fun of getting their username and password


we should get together and commiserate jointly. ;-)

I understand crosseyelemon's comment #(126181) above. But my spine is curling.

Background: Way too often, especially when a customer called me and we want to begin a remote support session, I ask them to start a specific program. I say something like "Please start Teamviewer, that is double click on the Teamviewer icon on your desktop". BTW "Teamviewer" is used here only as fairly well known stand-in, it actually is something else!

As far is my request to click on a *named* icon on the desktop and the limits of phone calls are concerned I get back the equivalent of a blank stare.

IMHO way too many people DON'T EVER actually read the text under an icon, that is for me the name of the darned thing. They seem to intuitively go only by colors and shapes; okay, that is their unconscious choice not wanting to know the name of the program they will be starting or the thing they will be handling.

But even more of this IMHO "dumbing down" nonsense? I am glad that I will likely not be around any more when that one day has become the accepted norm - and yet that day may come way to soon for my liking. :-((

As usual, this only IMHO and YMMV.

I'm a hardcore minimalist when it comes to computer desktops and want nothing more than a recycling bin icon on display. Using the start menu and taskbar I can generally accommodate a couple of dozen programs I use frequently. I can see this having benefits for those who like to access accessory folder or system tools quickly though.