CCleaner Is Updated, Free And Portable


CCleaner imageMicrosoft is always proud of announcing just how much faster each new version of Windows is, compared to the previous one. It's true that, if you upgrade to a new version of Windows your PC will run faster. But in many cases, the speed-up is nothing to do with the new operating system. It's simply that, the more you use your PC, the more it gets bogged down with old files and unnecessary registry entries. And it's these which are largely responsible for the slow-down, rather than the upgraded OS.

You can see it for yourself if you wipe your computer's hard disk and install a new copy of the same version of Windows that you had before. Your computer will almost always run much faster. But then, of course, over time, it will slow down again as the detritus builds up.

There are many programs which claim to be able to clean up the mess that Windows continually accumulates. Probably the best known is CCleaner, made by Piriform. While the full version is a paid-for product, the basic free edition is still very powerful and worth investigating if you've never tried it.

The most recent update to CCleaner was a couple of weeks ago. And as well as the standard installable version, there's also a portable edition which runs without installing anything. So if you don't like it, or don't intend to use it regularly, just delete the downloaded files and all traces of the software will be gone.

Although the portable version of CCleaner is not on the main download page, you'll find it listed at and it's a 6 MB download. The program is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.

The program has 2 modes. First, it analyzes your computer in search of things that it recommends you should tidy up. A single click of a button will then do all the hard work for you. You can choose which recommendations to accept and which to reject.

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Of course you are offended; [offensive personal comments deleted - please read the site rules before posting] that is totally stunned to be called out on it. Here's challenge #2, find me the credentialed, pocket protector that has said/stated what you claim....and "generally speaking'', "disk cleaners in general", don't count.

I don't need to prove anything - you made the original claim that contradicts the generally-accepted belief. Prove it.

And i notice a big chunk of personal insult, presumably an attempt to make up for your own perceived inadequacies, was cut out of your comment.

Keep trying - maybe you could get banned.

> "The most recent update to CCleaner was a couple of weeks ago"

CCleaner is "updated" every two weeks or so because it provides an opportunity for them to sell people a paid-for version. And that's fine - Piriform is a business. But I don't think it's a good reason for a "hot find" sort of item.

Your comment may be valid but this site has been around so long that just about everything has now been listed as a "hot find" at some point. I'm sure Rob and the rest of the staff are open to any suggestions from the readers.