An Addictive Browser-Based Strategy Game


Hexxagon, based on a game called Ataxx (and sometimes known as Rubies and Pearls), is a strategy board game that lends itself to playing against a computer.  It's fun to play, and you can try it yourself at using your browser.  It's free, and no download is required.
At the start of the game, the board, is equally filled with pearls (white) and rubies (red). Your pieces are the rubies, and your aim is to fill the board with as many rubies as possible.  To do this, click on one of your rubies.  If you then click on a space that's one square away, your ruby is duplicated so you now have 2.  Alternatively, you can move 2 spaces away, but in this case there's no duplication so you move further at the expense of an additional ruby.  Wherever you end up, any ruby that is now adjacent to a pearl results in that pearl becoming a ruby. 
By moving carefully and strategically, you can eventually create more rubies than pearls and thus win the game.
Try it out.  It's fun and free, and very simple to play.

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Excellent little game, Rob! Quite like Othello/Reversi, but the 1 or 2 square move choice is a nice little twist.

I just had my best win yet against the computer, 42 to 16!

"Try it out. It's fun and free, and very simple to play."

You said all, rob. Just a few more words: great pastime, cool simple game!

Thank you! :-)

I'm enjoying this addictive game. Thanks. The computer wins more than I do, but I'm getting better. I won three in a row yesterday. I think my best win was 35 to 23.