600 Free Online Streaming Music Channels

Sites which offer multi-genre online audio streaming are relatively commonplace on the internet right now.  Spotify is probably the first one which springs to mind.  But its interface is clunky and way too complicated, which is why I hardly ever visit the site any more.
I was pleasantly surprised, therefore, to discover Accuradio.  It offers hundreds of channels, covering everything from classical to Celtic to rock.  It's free to access and is supported by advertising.   You can listen without registering, but if you do sign up (which is free) then you won't hear so many ads.  Best of all, Accuradio's user interface is slick, clean and fast, making it very easy to find the type of music you like listening to.  And if you do happen to hear a song by an artist that you really don't like, you can ban that artist and you'll never hear from them again on the site.
Fire up your speakers and head to www.accuradio.com to hear for yourself.


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One of the best features of Accuradio imo is that it it doesn't have a skip limit. You could skip 100 songs in 5 minutes if you wanted, and it just keeps spitting out new tunes.

I like several genres, decades and artists all of which are on separate channel. Does any streaming service support selecting multiple channels and get random play from all of them?

Unfortunately, they don't have Southern Gospel (not regular Gospel, but Southern). Anyone know of a site that does?

To clarify - Pandora says it has Southern Gospel, but it is really Christian Country. Southern Gospel would be artists like Gold City, Greater Vision, The Hoppers, The Crabb Family, The Cathedrals, Promised Land Quartet, etc.

An excellent site that seems to work wonderfully.

Thanks for sharing.

I love somafm.com. The site is set by genre. I pretty much listen to trance or jazz and there's no commercials (listener supported). Try Lush and see what you think?

AccuRadio is one of about a dozen music streaming sites I have bookmarked. My only real complaint regarding it is that you can't prevent notifications from arriving in your e-mail account. Pandora, Spotify and Deezer are the most popular alternatives although my personal favorite is still Tune-in Radio.


You write "you can't prevent notifications...".

Every email service, program, provider web site or the like I have seen so far had some option to block sending addresses. Even clunky Yahoo Mail and thus AT&T email has it.

You know if the web site does not allow me to turn off their annoying email junk then I send the emails directly to the virtual garbage bin and they loose the chance to ever again talk to me from that email address. Ever heard an ad for Constant Contact? I despise that just as much as you do.