Get Another Instant Email Address

Next time you need a temporary disposable email address in a hurry, perhaps to register for an offer on a web site, give them your address.  You don't have one?  Actually, you do.  You just didn't know it.
To create a receive-only address at, just make up any name to put at the start of the domain and hand it over as your email address.  I tried as a test.
When you want to check any incoming messages, just head over to and enter the name you made up.  You can instantly read all the mail in that mailbox.
So next time you need to register for an offer, and don't want to provide your full details to a company that you've never heard of, you know what to do.

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I must add
Spamgourmet lets you get tricky to the point where you can identify who is selling you to spammers. It is easy to set up but you can get as convoluted as you need to when using the fake addresses. The addresses come to your inbox and you can reply to something and maintain the fake account. The others are fine if you just need to get a code or something and never bother with them again. Spamgourmet defaults to 3 emails from them and you can set it up to 20 which will give you plenty of time to go change the email to the correct one if it is something you end up liking

Ummm ... what if someone else uses the same address?

It doesn't matter. That's the whole point.

How does it tell the difference?

(The only way i can think of right offhand sort of flies against the whole concept of a "burner" e-mail)

Tell the difference between what? From the website: "Every incoming email is accepted and can be viewed by anyone who knows the recipient name."

Okay - i hadn't looked. That's what i was wondering. So, if you and someone else choose the same name, you each read the other's e-mail.


I use for my temp address. What I like about it is that you can create your temp email address and keep the website open to monitor your mail. I can also use this alias email address,, which will then forward any email to the temp email address I created. An extra level of protection which I like.

The following addreses all work the same way as Mailnesia. They all belong to and supposedly they have hundreds more addresses but they won't show the whole list. I've been using them for years whenever I need an instant disposable address.

Thanks rob,
I've sometimes used disposable email addresses in the past and found that many of the online sites identified my email address as a fake and asked that I submit another one.
Will give this one a try.

Thanks Rob!
Uncomplicated way to have a temp mail address.