Planetarium. Explore The Sky From Your Desk.

If you'd like to explore the sky but you don't have access to a powerful telescope, then this free online planetarium is arguably the next best thing.  It's all web-based so there's nothing to download or install.  Just head to and enter your location, to start exploring the constellations and planets.
And unlike a conventional telescope, this web-based one can transport you to anywhere in the world.  There's no need to start from the viewpoint of your actual current location if you don't want to.


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Hmm.. FWIW disabling Adblock Plus on that site reveals a number of download options at the top of the page..

I'm not having trouble accessing the site, but I am having trouble getting the web page to recognize mouse clicks. I'm running Chrome, and it pretty much just sits there when I click the 'Set to my location' button, although I can drag the location pointer, and oddly enough, clicking Done closes that dialog box.

Thank you.... it's working now but it's nice to have an alternative as you suggested.

Both Celesta and Stellarium work on Linux, Windows, or Mac OS X platforms!

Best Free Planetarium Software for Mac OS   Check them both out.

Stellarium is actually used in Planetariums and can be used to make an excellent home built one.

If you are continuing to have problems opening the site, another excellent program is Stellarium and can be found here.

I've tried several times to access this link to Planetarium but it seems to be stuck on their home page. Unresponsive to any of my attempts to proceed any further..... is it just me ?

BTW, I'm using my nexus 7 tablet.