Get The Professional Version of MiniTool Partition Wizard for Free! [Expired]


MiniTool Partition Wizard ProMiniTool are well known within the tech industry for the quality of their software. The home edition of MiniTool Partition Wizard has long been a favorite with Gizmo's readers and is the Top Pick for this category in our review. Now, Gizmo's readers have the chance to get the professional version of MiniTool Partition Wizard for free.

This software enables you to create, delete, move, resize, recover, copy, convert and a host of other functions applicable to your Windows disk. 

To get your copy just follow these instructions.

Go to the MiniTool page link for this offer and then click the "Subscribe" button.

Enter your details into the form fields and then click "Subscribe to list" (you can unsubscribe later if you choose to do so).

Your activation code for the program plus a download link to the file will be mailed to you after your email address has been verified.

The offer will run for 48 hours commencing Tuesday 15th December, 2015 (PST Pacific Standard Time).

The number of licenses they will issue during this period is unlimited.

This is a great offer for a quality product so be sure to get your copy.

Please note the giveaway version is not free to upgrade and is for personal use only.




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What am I doing wrong? Downloaded it ok, got the license code, but it won't install. Error message: "ShellExecuteEx failed, code 21. The device is not ready."

Had the same problem with another installation -- you're probably right about a cleaning tool, but after I did a reboot everything went fine.

Is it possible, at any later date, to upgrade the version being offered for download?

As stated in the offer text above - no. MC - Site Manager.

I'm sorry I missed that. I stopped reading just a line or two short of the end, after finishing the directions.

Thank you! This is a good one. Everything was smooth — subscribed, got subscription verification email, got email with download link & license code, downloaded, installed program, registered.


Thank you, MC!
(the english brazilian guy, right? X-D)

Correct. :) Currently enjoying 30 degrees and sunshine on the run up to Christmas instead of what I was used to back in the UK. MC - Site Manager.

Ideally you shouldn't be doing partition operations on the same disk as the partition software is installed on.

If you go to you can download the always free bootable version which is an iso of about 140MB (ouch).

I too only do such operations from a bootable CD
Does the Pro version allow creation of a bootable CD ?

I noticed that I have the ver 9.0 of the Pro version.
It has an icon top right saying 'Bootable CD'
When I click that, it opens this web page -
And it says 'free download'
If God visited me (again) and said he is re-creating the Earth, and do I have any wishes.
I would ask him to ban the expression 'free download', as I am never sure what that means.

PS Could someone let me know if this generous giveaway of Pro 9.1, is crippled in any way (missing some features) ?
I am sure anyone here that has 9.0 Pro installed would wonder whether to upgrade to 9.1, and perhaps lose features

I agree and also normally only do such operations from a bootable CD. I assume the installer gives you a program to do operations on other than the system disk as well as an option to create a bootable CD? I was going to temporarily install it only long enough to create the CD. Is that linked .ISO download the exact same version CD as the one created by the installed app? If so, why install it?

This is my picture(guess) of things -
- Installer does not offer to create ISO
- Installed Pro has a button top right for bootable CD
- It takes you to the link I mentioned above
- That page has a download for the ISO for the free bootable 9.1
- The differences between the free version, should not matter for the average user.
- The features that are lacking in the free bootable CD, are features that I have never needed
Here is a link to the comparison table -

QUESTION: The FAQ has this item "How to uninstall AVG Security Toolbar?". Does this Pro version install the toolbar or any other undesirables? I am waiting to find out before I install it.
BTW: I had no trouble getting the email with code and download link. Just had to wait about 5 minutes. THANKS!

No. I installed it and there was no AVG Security Toolbar or other unwanted extras. Nevertheless, you shouldn't get caught out if you scrutinize everything whenever you install software.

Correct. I was just waiting for a response direct from MiniTool before posting here.
As Joe A.TT states, there is nothing else included with the download. We have an information page about how to avoid unwanted content here. MC - Site Manager.

Thanks for checking!

I can confirm they are giving away the item before the listed start date of the 15th.
I received the links in the 2nd email about an hour or so after the first email.

There you go then, Christmas bonus! :) Don`t thank me though, thank the guys at MiniTool. MC - Site Manager.

Thank you so much for this!!!!!!! It works like a dream

Just got the subscription email verification. It said the next email will have the links, didn't say when. It will surprise me if it comes before the 15th.

thanks MC


Thank you!
Merry Christmas from unseasonably warm Wisconsin.

I have not received anything in either Hotmail or Yahoo. Neither inbox or spam folders. Oh Well I already have 9.0.

SwanKnight didn't actually say he got a response from them he just said he was able to input his email address/register. We were both able to get it to accept our email address. I noticed it said the last email from them would have the reg # and the d/l link.

I made a second attempt and had the same result. No email in either Yahoo or Hotmail. I'm going to give up on this, Thank you anyway.

I'm getting an error even though I'm using a real email address (not an disposable one) and only tried once.

"Too many subscribe attempts for this email address. Please try again in about 5 minutes. (#8587)"

Edit: nvm, managed to register after a while.

So, even though the giveaway doesn't start until 0001hrs on the 15th we can subscribe early? I am waiting for the first email from them. I wasn't sure if it would work.


Nice one MC.... it's so good to get a freebie like this one with no strings attached !

Merry Christmas