942 Pages Of Reverse Engineering Goodness


Reverse engineering book coverI sometimes try to point out in these columns that a certain featured item may not be of interest to everyone. And if there's ever been an instance where that's 100% true, it's probably this one.

Reverse Engineering For Beginners, also known as RE4B, is a book about reverse engineering. That is to say, analysing software as-distributed in order to turn it back into its source code and thus find out precisely what it does. And how it does it. And how you might persuade it to do something slightly different, even if the program isn't one that you originally wrote.

If you're into programming, it's a fascinating read, as the book goes into stunning, fascinating detail about the subject and includes hundreds of examples. If you're not really into programming but you think you might like to be, it's still a fascinating read. But if it's not for you, you'll know it after the first few of its 942 pages.

RE4B is not only a top-notch technical book, it's completely free. You can view the PDF file at http://beginners.re/Reverse_Engineering_for_Beginners-en.pdf and then save it to your PC if you wish.



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Change "women" to "some people" and "men" to "some people" . (Unless you are doing sales surveys for product advertisers, perhaps)

Reverse Engineering is a lot like trying to understand why women are obsessed with shoe sales or if your a women, why men are willing to spend hours tinkering with a carburetor. It's pretty interesting stuff even when there are no clear answers to these questions.

Or why women are silly, empty-headed and obsessed with looks and getting something pretty cheap, but men are willing to put hours of intellectual effort and skill into something. I think your sexism has no place anywhere, certainly not on a techie blog where a lot of people are women. I was a consumer electronics designer and find your remark very insulting indeed.

Go. Read. Be amazed.

I personally have never had access to any text that so completely breaks down the concepts involved in programming. The indices alone are more complete and detailed than most college and tech school textboooks.

Good find! Downloading..............