Windows 10’s Fall Update Removes User Installed Applications Without Asking


Windows 10 users are reporting that programs they've installed have disappeared (apparently uninstalled) with the latest Windows 10 Fall update, including one case where the software that AMD's graphics cards depend on (AMD Catalyst Control Center) was uninstalled and replaced with Windows 10 graphics card drivers. The two other programs that have been mentioned as being uninstalled are CPU-Z and Speccy. As you probably know, Microsoft decided in Windows 10 that updates and upgrades are automatic, unless you're using Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Enterprise edition which allow users to delay certain upgrades. So far the programs that have been uninstalled have been able to be re-installed without any issues. Personally, this issue has stopped me from upgrading to Windows 10. I'm a bit on the picky side - I like to keep my hardware, software and operating systems updated on my own. :)

You can read all about it here:
Windows 10’s fall update is deactivating certain apps without asking


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I was running Win 7 happily.. MS kept pushing to upgrade to 10.. I kept saying NO!!! but last Friday they ZAP!! did it any way before I could stop it.. At first I thought what the hell sooner or later ill have to. So Saturday morning when I went to check it>>. WHHHHAAAaaa my puter kept trying to start and couldnt>>> NO help from MS.. or the web.. Tommorrow I have a Cert MS engineer ( ) comming by to try to straighten it out.. $150 an hour.. Im going to go to small claims and sue MS for the bill Who else has this problem???

Dec 8 Had a long session with MS securiety in Phip. and India and after an hour they couldny help the situation.. Called in a pro and He had no choice fut to reformat.. He did pre save all my files but the programs were lost.. So bottom line $200.00 and hours later my older lap top is back to the state HP delivered it with no programs or files...The new dell is running fine with the old info and im not a happy MS camper. Any one want to jpoin a class action suit???

That's horrible.........I'm so sorry you're having to go through that. When you get your system back, I would suggest you install GWX Contro Panel, the latest version prevents Microsoft from updating your computer. You can find it here:

It's been mentioned and recommended many times by our readers and editors, I have it installed as well.

Oh, I forgot to mention my IE 11 spell checker quit after the last Win 10 update - BEAUTIFUL!

After I read to above comments regarding MS changing and overwriting drivers I checked my version of installed Windows 10. I am more than miffed at Microsoft. Prior to this last fast ring update I had paid for and had upgraded and running Windows 7, 8, 8.1 PROFFESSIONAL version. Guess what folks? Those asses at MS have automatically UPGRADED my machine to Windows 10 HOME edition! AUTOMATIC UPDATES?! WTF?! Now I have to track down a source to try to get my Win10 Pro version. I have back ups but I am thinking those wizards at MS will only update my back up with a home edition again. I'm glad I switched some machines to Linux.

You should be able go back to the pre-upgrade Windows version relatively easily.

Contact Microsoft and tell them what has happened and they should help you to fix it.

To the best of my knowledge, it doesn't matter what version of a previous OS you're running - Windows 10 free upgrade is for the Home edition only. If you want the Pro or Enterprise edition you'll have to purchase it separately.

It's not like that. Windows Home Edition will be updated to Windows 10 Home Edition. Windows Pro edition will get update to Windows 10 Pro. It's a wonder why his Windows did not get updated to Pro. It should have.

Look at the table here under, "Using the media creation tool", and then under "Upgrade to Windows 10 using the tool".

Thanks Anupam, I misunderstood the upgrades. :)

Anupam, thanks for your input. Maybe you didn't fully read my complaint. I had a fully paid copy of Windows 7 Pro, upgraded to win8, Win8.1 AND Win 10 first fast track update was Win 10 PRO. The last fast track update 1511.10586 updated my system to Win10 Home. I am writing this from another system, upgraded from Win 7 Pro, etc. This machine was correctly upgraded & updated to Win10 PRO 1511.10586.11. My intent in writing is to warn others of the potential MS update issue. I know how to correct this but I am frustrated this even occurred. Not only does the update over right drivers but OS as well. Your right "It's not like that" and "It should have" upgraded correctly but it did not.

Sorry to not understand you fully. You had not shared these details in your previous post though.

Its really weird that one of your system was updated to Home version rather than the Pro. Weird why it would happen. Maybe you can call or contact Microsoft about it? It's really strange.

Good to know that the other system updated just fine. The other one is weird, and shouldn't have happened.

I dont mind the automatic updates much, if it keeps happening without an issue, but yes, the driver update issue bugs me too. I don't want drivers to be installed automatically. This is although helpful when the system is old, and the motherboard site either does not exist, or does not provide drivers anymore.. but its not required when motherboard site already provides the drivers.

This is where MS have messed things up. Oh well.

You can either contact MS, or again reset the system and try the update. Will be frustrating though if same thing happens again.

That's right Anupam. It says the same under Windows 10: FAQ

MS has been trying to force their Win10 files onto my system, however, I've never inferred at all, not even an inkling, that I'd want Windows 10 & I'd been removing files whenever I could. This week, Windows displayed an update dialogue box with no apparent way of closing it. As well. it kept asking me to commit to an update date. I'd even tried 2 different Task Managers & couldn't get it off my screen. GGGRRR!!! After research, I opted to install some free software called GWX Control Panel which could disable the Win10 updates. I really resent that these companies & others, such as browsers, don't give us more choices but arbitrarily decide things such as what level of security & which products should be placed onto our systems. I'm now going to check out Linux Mint so thanks to all the other posters for this recommendation & information. It's very much appreciated by yet another disgruntled long time Microsoft user. Adios Windows! Can't really say I'm going to miss you. LOL

And, just as a precaution here, I DO have a right to "bash" Microsoft. I used DOS since the 2.1 days, Windows since v1.0 (dear god that REALLY dates me).
I have had on my personal machines, Windows 3.0, 3.1, 95, 98, 98SE, NT4, 2000, XP, and then 7. Never touched Vista (thankfully), and never touced the tablet wanna be's of Win 8/8.1.

So, yes, I can bash them because after all this time they have decided rather arbitrarily to act like they know best. When they DO NOT.

Besides, on my old 32 bit machoine I dual boot Win Xp (yep still live and kickin), and Manjaro 32 bit Linux.
And the same applies to new 64 bit machine: Win 7 Ultimate dual boot with the 64 bit version of Manjaro Linux.

That is why I have a SEVERE hatred of MS's lovechild SecureBoot. It WAS specifically designed to PREVENT using Linux. Because the ABSOLUTELY FEAR anything that will allow the USER to control THEIR OWN MACHINE.

So, again, I do have the rigt to bash. I have been a MS user since WAY back in time. And before MS, I used Apple II, IIe, and IIgs. And when I was working I even dabbled with OS/2 as well, and that is also back then when I got introduced to Unix.

Secure Boot is embraced by M$ BUT, it is not theirs. It was not invented by M$ nor is it owned by them. It is owned by the UEFI Forum. UEFI is a firmware interface just like BIOS is a firmware interface. There are dedicated Linux computers running UEFI and Secure Boot. The UEFI Specifications allow for each OS vendor to decide how tough or what specific rulesets are part of Secure Boot. M$ insist on certs signed by them, Linux uses the industry standard x.509 certs in their version of Secure Boot.

Promoters of UEFI include
AMD, Insyde Software, American Megatrends Inc., Intel, Apple Inc., Lenovo, Dell, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Phoenix Technologies, IBM

Contributors include SUSE, Red Hat Inc, The Linux Foundation, Seagate and many others.

I don't like anyone, including Microsoft, making decisions for me. I don't feel as strongly as other people who have commented, but it's nice to know that I need to check the Windows.old folder occasionally.

I was a windows user from XP, Vista, W7, W8 and then W10, UNTIL I realised what Microsoft were up to. A week ago I decided I did not wish to be beholden to Microsoft for my operating system as it appeared to me they were keeping tabs on me on who I was emailing, my internet surfing habits etc etc. So I decided that I would get out of their clutches and remembering that I am a user and not a PC geek I had a look around at all of the other operating systems and soon realised there are free ones out there AND there are and they are Linux Operating Systems. After a lot of investigating I found two that seemed to fit the bill which are designed for beginners they are Ubuntu and Linux Mint. I eventually chose Linux Mint 17.2 Mate 64 bit. Last week I installed Mint and have been running that ever since AND removing Windows so as not being able to fall back to W10 should I get stuck on anything.
The result is that I am so pleased with Linux mint it works out of the box any problems there is support out there although so far I have not needed it (fingers crossed) and am a very happy Linux user and would recommend the change to anyone. If anyone does not know you do not need anti virus, ALL software is free unless you wish to donate to Linux. If you wish to try Linux I would suggest that you back up your Microsoft downloads on to a external drive just in case you wish to at a future date return to dreaded Microsoft. As I have said before I am just a PC user and know nothing about programming and you do not need to when you start with ether Ubuntu or Mint give it a try you might like it.

Agreed. After 30 years of owning PCs, from the days of DOS through to Windows 7, I've finally accepted that Microsoft cannot be trusted and that Windows will no longer be my OS in the future. Like you, I looked into Linux distros and chose Linux Mint 17.2 Cinnamon (Rafaela) 64-bit. In the little time that I've had to play with it so far, it appears very polished, functional, and complete, right out of the box. I have some Windows-specific professional software I'll continue to need, so I can run W7 within VirtualBox or on a separate machine, perhaps isolated from the Internet so that Microsoft cannot mess with it.

I will not be bullied by Microsoft into accepting W10 or letting them control which OS or updates I install, nor will I let any OS "phone home" with data from my computer without my express permission on each occasion. My privacy is not for sale.

This is my 4th time trying to make Win 10 acceptable. It has back stabbed me once to many times, ripping Apps away, freezing up, to many things. Microsoft has ask me to leave them by trying to force it on me. I am junking it and going to another OS. I don't know which one yet, maybe one more people friendly and not so corporate.

I won't go as far as you want to, but I 100% agree on the problems Windows 10 has brought. I decided to install it on a laptop... My Gosh! What a mistake that was! Several privacy and security settings I disabled previously turned themselves back on after a few hours, the word "privacy" is practically non-existant now. My network monitor was showing the OS was sending data back home on a regular basis every minute, every hour, every day. Have no idea what kind of data was being sent, but I don't trust Windows 10. At least the previous OSs ware more transparent on their intentions.

I appreciate the difficulties some have had with Windows 10 and the perceived invasion of privacy and loss of control.
But I find it a bit ironic that most of the hate directed toward Microsoft is from folks who are irrevocably attached to their beloved Windows 7.
You know, MICROSOFT's Windows 7..

Many - or most? - of them are not "attached to their Windows 7". The vast majority of them just don't even know that here are alternatives.
They don't know because there is no marketing power behind the alternatives.

True. Except for the poster who said they're moving to Linux.
And I think when we break up with Microsoft, we say, It's you, its not me.
You've changed. You're not the OS I married.

Well played, John.

I am with you Krunk and John they have lost the trust of the domestic user I would think probably the small business user as well

Typically Microsoft!

Overbearing, presumptuous and snotty.

I should be grateful to them for "creating" more work for me but I pity my typical customer who will be helplessly entangled in MS's crummy machinations.

Wow. MICROSOFT is "Overbearing presumptuous and snotty"?

I was an Aoole user many years ago - until the IIgs dolchstab, anyway.

I'm remembering the furore over the free album you got whether you wanted it or not, too.

Just another reason to use portable apps. Obviously not everything can be portabilised, particularly large commercial programs required for work, but when possible it makes things so much easier, safer and faster.

There are certainly advantages to using the portable apps. The following website might be of interest to those looking for apps of this kind.

I am happy with my dual boot - WinXP/Win7 - machine and I am not upgrading before 2022.